Will Cyprus Incorporation Be Right for Your Needs?

Discussion in 'Offshore Company & Bank Account Guides' started by Admin, Jun 5, 2016.

  1. burden

    burden New Member

    I'm PM'ing with Admin about to setup our business in Cyprus. For someone in Romania it seems to be great setup.
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  2. hofo

    hofo Investor Investor

    I'm starting to incorporate my business in Cyprus tomorrow. It seems for me to be a good offshore jurisdiction to get all what I'm looking for, stable country, high level of privacy and even tax benefits if structured correct. Even banking there seems to be some of the most stable available.
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  3. fireserve

    fireserve Super Moderator Mentor Group Sponsor

    You can't doing anything wrong with an Cyprus company formation.
  4. zohoman

    zohoman Investor Investor

    Cyprus company formation will be exactly the next I will go into. I have read so much good about Cyprus and Europe in order to make business that for me it's unavoidable.

    Thanks for all the wealth of information here guys!
  5. deadpool

    deadpool Investor Investor

    Can someone explain why Forex companies seem to like Cyprus past couple of years?
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  6. GoGoldPro

    GoGoldPro Member

    For me to be new to all of this is seems that Cyprus is really the no.1 place to incorporate your business if you consider business in Europe!
  7. BelizeFinancial

    BelizeFinancial Corporate Services Trusted Member

    As so many of you already pointed out to noobs. Yes a Cyprus company formation is great if you want to do business in Europe and if you are seeking total privacy at the same time, + Low tax and double tax treaties to avoid to pay too much tax in your home country.
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  8. Admin

    Admin Forum Moderator The Forum Cleaner

    Second that... great alternative to the most offshore companies around if you want to make serious business in the EU.
  9. Admin

    Admin Forum Moderator The Forum Cleaner

    Even it's still not easy to get an Forex Trading license in Cyprus it's still cheaper compared to any other country within the EU to get a license there. That's why many apply for a European forex trading license there.
  10. strokearm

    strokearm New Member

    I'm serious considering Cyprus company and Cyprus bank account because I read it is easy to get payment processing for companies there. Do you know if I can find a bank that is accepting customers for card processing and offer normal bank account for receiving money by Wire Transfer?
  11. khan

    khan Corporate Services Trusted Member

    Personally I can say that my Cyprus company which I have been using for all my business activities online and offline has been once of the best investment I ever have done. It has saved me from a lot of troubles and I have total freedom to access my funds and do whatever I want whenever I want.

    Even if things are getting toff and I get short on money and people are knocking on my door to get their money I sleep well at night because they are unable to access my assets in Cyprus;)
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  12. myshufflemix

    myshufflemix Member

    Thank you Khan.. Your story here and the other one you told us has inspired me to get started with my company formation very soon.
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  13. khan

    khan Corporate Services Trusted Member

    You're welcome, I'm glad to hear that!
  14. RamsayB

    RamsayB Investor Investor

    That's good to hear from an experienced user that shares his story to the people here.
  15. lastchance

    lastchance Member

    After reading and researching lots about Cyprus and their business laws it seems to be a great place for me to consider to register a company once my business get profitable.
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  16. zohoman

    zohoman Investor Investor

    I can only agree with you I'm happy with my Cyprus Company that is a new incorporation it has been opening the doors for many of the services that I couldn't access before. While I before got a lot of declines and NO GO I'm getting approved now and Yes no problem!
  17. ImKing

    ImKing Corporate Services Trusted Member

    Major benefits:

    Access to all banks in Europe including credit Card processors and e-wallets!
  18. suzy

    suzy Corporate Services Trusted Member Mentor Group Sponsor Investor

    I consider to convert my Cyprus company to an Holding / Investment entity and open another company for trading purpose! Do you know if it is a complicated process and what is required to do that?
  19. icecold

    icecold Investor Investor

    I'm happy with my Cyprus company never had issues neither with accounting nor filing of tax. I pay my accountant a flat fee each month for everything!
  20. moneymaster

    moneymaster Investor Investor

    Put an order through to @Admin he's a very helpful guy, since I lost the overview of all the agents around I feel comfortable this way.