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Offshorecorptalk Is On The Lookout For Virtual Assistant

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We are hiring Virtual Assistance

The OffshoreCorpTalk forum is a sustainable online community boosting thousands of users and aiming to find innovative solutions and ideas for offshore entrepreneurs, businesses and individuals. It consists of a fully remote team scattered around the globe and provides access to guides, discussions and plans regarding offshore businesses.

The role

As a virtual assistant, you will work closely with the management in order to support the business duties. To succeed in such a role, you must be well organized and feature a high attention to small details. You must be able to use your intuition and work independently. It is a different lifestyle that requires being laid back and efficient in work.

The requirements​

  • Experience or a deep passion for journalism is desired, but not essential, as you dig deeper for information and conduct research on...

The new version 2.0 of OffshoreCorpTalk - follow the updates.

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Hello valuable members,

As you have already been notified by e-mail, we are in the process of updating the forum with a lot of new and exciting features.

Below you can follow all the many new features we add regularly.

As you have probably noticed, our logo has been replaced, below you can see it in large format until we get the logo at the top made a little bigger.

So what have come of new features in OffshoreCorpTalk V.2.0?

It is possible to use a "thread prefix" called "question" - for threads that are based on questions for other users, and, which are flagged as "Question" when you create a new thread. See picture below

All threads created as an "question" will have the options for other users to upvote or downvote a question.
Soon we will make a seperated category here on

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