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  • Hey, I wrote an answer on your post about VAT in UAE on crypto but it got deleted.
    If I am not mistaking your post was an answer to mine, however I moved my post to freebit thread to avoid to overcharge fred thread.

    Do you think, as of current rules, crypto online traders wether they operate under their own name or under their FZ might be liable to pay a 5%VAT on their volume
    It's a complex one as I know traders who don't pay any tax and trade from the UAE. Using Kraken, Etoro and a few others.

    For now you are ok but sort out your structure sooner rather than later
    Please get back to me on telegram. I haven't heard from you in a few days since you got back, and still have an outstanding order from almost 3 months ago.
    Sorry I was not well, thankfully not Covid related.

    I am back up and running now and back to work. For everyone with any outstanding files please get in touch.
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DLS Dubai Company Formation and banking solution
Offshore Bank Accounts