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    Wyoming, Delaware or New Mexico, please tell me what's your choice?

    I would like to keep as least ties with my country as possible.
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    Wyoming, Delaware or New Mexico, please tell me what's your choice?

    Point is that I have a company in my home country and if I have any more volume on the company I am in higher tax bracket.. regardless if it's expens or profit.. so it would come in handy to have a company just for expenses and leave the current volume in my company as is.. Thank you all for...
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    CRS-Reporting in Northern Cyprus?

    Is it possible to open account remotely in TRNC , anyone has experience ? Perhaps with lawyer and poa ?
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    Wyoming, Delaware or New Mexico, please tell me what's your choice?

    I don't want to open yet another thread about usa llc.. so here's my question : If I would open usa llc , and spend all earnings on legit expenses (no bullshit ) then I wouldn't be required to pay any taxes to my home country (EU) ? As my profit would be 0$. That would actually come in handy...
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    Does Revolut report end of year account balance or turnover according to CRS?

    As far as I know crs reports balance at the time of reporting and total volume ( amount that went in / out) .
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    Question Want to buy Crypto?

    There are people that take PayPal balance for btc , usual markup is 12~18% , not sure if I can share other forum here.. they are legit with a lot of reviews and the for has been around for quite some time.. there's no verification required as you directly send PayPal money and get btc within 3...
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    List of Trustable Crypto Exchanges

    Globitex is a part of CRS ? Is this proven thing ? Thanks !!!
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    rent a company

    You have to make a contract between person who's paying and yourself or something along those lines.. he was on tv multiple times and runs a legit business. But as I said you end up paying between 18 and 25% depending on the dividend tax in your country..
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    rent a company

    Winglio is legit 100% , a friend of mine works with them all the time.. everything is explained on their site in how it works. Basically the payment you get from them is regarded as dividend and you still have to pay tax on it in your home country .. if you want it all to be 100% legit..
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    EMI to transfer payments from PayPal

    @nobel Do you mind sharing what emi you use to work with PayPal ?
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    List of Prepaid-Virtual cards

    Yes I think alot of people figured it out.. I just think it would be nice to know hidden features he's talking about :)
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    AdvCash use cases

    I see everyone is really happy with adv , my question is loading options.. sepa is possible but with limit 3k per month 30k per year.. higher limits for visa and MasterCard load but cards need to be issued in the same country as your country in th adv account... So basically you can load it only...
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    EMI for SWIFT

    Can you share which one is it ? Do you have a website ? Thanks !
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    Any responsibilities against Ameria Bank?

    Not sure why adv cash is so praised here.. they told me that I have 20k yearly limit , anything above that I need to provide source of income , tax payments , business and the whole 9 yards lol As for ameria , they will send you documentations you need to fill out , Skype interview , your last...
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    App like paysera, transferwise without data reporting

    How do you know that paysera doesn't report.. TW says so on their website .. where did you get info about paysera ? Further more I red on here that adv cash doesn't report , only by request from authority (but every emi will report in that case ) .. however no personal experience with adv
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