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    Transfer Wise, E Payments, Revolut Limits

    Any recommendations on what I should keep my daily/weekly/monthly deposits limited to in order to avoid issues?
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    Revolut and/or Transferwise

    The source of funds is a us business account and am looking to move it out of the country - @Martin Everson please check you messages
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    Revolut and/or Transferwise

    Thank you for the advice. I've been racking my brain trying to establish a way to get USD out ... someone recently recommended starting a "crypto investment corp" with an exchange, but then I read about all of the banks and EMI's that want nothing to do with crypto activity for withdraws ... is...
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    Revolut and/or Transferwise

    Would you say that it is better to open a UK company with darks instead and use these two EMI's with that in order to be further under the radar?
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    Revolut and/or Transferwise

    I am currently in the process of forming my Seychelles corp with EMI thanks to a provider on the forum (will be more than happy to share results once complete), however I am concerned with what I have been reading on the forum regarding these EMI's. My goal was to begin transferring into TW...
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    The Definitive Manual to What Is Nominee Director

    @Admin Did the original post change? It no longer has info regarding nominees