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  1. sonato

    Holding for assets in Germany / EU

    that is true. if you do a Google search with the below sting you will get tons of hits for this forum uk ltd no tax
  2. sonato

    Question Fast Formations

    use google search to find more threads and reviews about them: fast formations
  3. sonato

    The new Samsung C43J89x curved screen, awesome.

    I just bought my Samsung C43J89 Curved Screen, it's awesome, you should see OffshoreCorpTalk on such a screen. I'm totally thrilled. Really, I can highly recommend this screen to everyone that has the tablespace for it ;)
  4. sonato

    Mentor Group for anonymity!

    I have been on / off with my Mentor Group Gold membership. It is not always that I have time to read everything that is written about, not to mention try out the methods, but still I am curious enough that I come back regularly and pay my membership with joy.
  5. sonato

    Euro Pacific Bank - Peter Schiff Banked Known Criminals, Tax Probe Claims

    well said, it can't stay this way for a long time. They may already start taking a run with customer funds. It's all what you said Martin o_O
  6. sonato

    Feedback for

    never heard of them, I agree, what is your business it may help us to let you know about alternatives. They are US located Merchant Payments Acceptance Corp, LLC is a registered ISO/MSP of Woodforest National Bank, The Woodlands Texas, International and High Risk accounts are not provided by...
  7. sonato

    Offshore business bank account with Visanet

    what do you suggest to do then? why is anyone wanting to connect to the Visa net?
  8. sonato

    How can I exchange large amounts of Monero for cash?

    it is well known, localbitcoins but the other one, LocalMonero, I didn't know, is it a sub service for localbitcoins?
  9. sonato

    Does Revolut report end of year account balance or turnover according to CRS?

    they will report everything that has been going on at this account. There is a thread & link I can't remember now which explained it well what was reported. according to that everything will be reported once they do.
  10. sonato

    Wyoming, Delaware or New Mexico, please tell me what's your choice?

    are they still use FAX :D What agent did you use for te new LLC and what state did you set it up?
  11. sonato

    Uk LLP problem with stripe

    So easy, to solve this. Go inside the mentor group and see whow they solve the problems there. I have found my way through all this shit and has been working for the last 8 months no question asked.
  12. sonato

    Between These Three Mainstream EMIs, Which Would Work Best? (Monese / Transfer Wise / Revolut)

    darks will always work if you get high quality real darks. From Revolut and Transferwise I would always choose Transferwise.
  13. sonato

    Question Best way to manage a BVI company

    if you can get a bank account with some bank in the UAE then please don't forget to come back her and let us know how you did it, there may be hundred of people around here interested in the same.
  14. sonato

    Dubai new residency programme

    Isn't it the same as Estonia and Bulgaria as well as Malta that we have discussed on this forum before? It's sounds to be the same concept.
  15. sonato

    epayments vs transferwise

    It is probably appropriate to say that after we now know that ePayments has gone, slipped with all the money and we already then (when they were in business) looked like a big phishing business. Then Transferwise is the most reliable company of the two. I've always felt that Transferwise was...
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