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    PNB Banka victim, assessing options

    Dear experts, I'm a victim of now defunct PNB Banka in Latvia. I had a personal account there and am preparing to receive the state guaranteed 100K euro. The question is - where to receive this money? If you were given a choice to receive this amount of money either to the Georgian TBC bank or...
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    Business account for BVI company

    Dear experts, I own a BVI company, which I'm going to shut down soon. The company has the simplest structure - 1 owner, who is the only director at the same time. The company's activity is perfectly legal and does not require licensing - software development. Prior to closing the company I need...
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    EMIs working with russian rubles (RUB)

    Hi everyone, Does anybody know what EMIs would allow to receive transfers in russian rubles (RUB). Thanks.
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    EMI for a BVI company

    Hello all, What EMIs would open a business account for a BVI company, which would allow receiving wire transfers? Thanks in advance.
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    Corporate account for a US company

    Hello guys. Does anybody know where to open a corporate account for a US limited liability company without a physical visit? Both traditional banks and EMI would be fine. Thanks.