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    transferwise for belize

    does transferwise accept Belize companies ? any other similar EMI services that accept Belize ? I plan to put funds over multiple different services like that if im unable to open real offshore bank account
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    recommendations for Belize IBC bank account

    euro pacific seems to be best one I found so far in Belize there seems to be but I dont really trust Belize-based banks. does this happen only to Belize, or Seychelles and other 0% tax jurisdictions as well ?
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    recommendations for Belize IBC bank account

    hi, looking for suggestions for bank account for Belize IBC. Preferably out of EU, USD/EUR accepted, net banking, VISA/MC available. I can verify my identity and personal visit is not a problem. Shareholders and directory are outside USA. Looking for a reputable bank in a good standing, not...
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    paypal asking for tax statement

    hi, i have an EU personal paypal account which is fully verified with CC added and all kind of proof sent to paypal on multiple occasions. recently they asked me for tax statement which proves all income was declared to gov. Paypal processes $xxx xxx in last several years did it happen to...