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  1. JohnK

    Any possible ways to open anonymous offshore bank account longer?

    Since the big crash of many of the EMI providers which don't have any card program any longer I have troubles to find a valid anonymous banking option! Do you know about a possible easy setup for an offshore bank account and that don't require a lot of verification?
  2. JohnK

    MisterTango and Offshore company, does it works?

    I have only opened a personal account for my banking needs, the problem is that I want a business account preferable for an offshore company say in BVI, Seychelles or Belize! Does someone know if they offer account setups for offshore corps? or EU companies only?
  3. JohnK

    How to reduce taxes legally ?

    I need to know how it is possible to reduce tax using a offshore company? When looking at the large fortune 500 corporations in the world they all operate their companies from jurisdictions that are considered offshore! but they don't get cough??
  4. JohnK

    Need a tax residency certificate how?

    I need to know how I can obtain a tax residency certificate for a Cyprus company? For my new business I plan to register a Cyprus company and my CPA told me that I would be better if I can obtain a tax residency certificate for the company for tax planning purpose.
  5. JohnK

    Best offshore bank you know from the list?

    I wonder what is the best offshore bank from the above list you know and have experience with?
  6. JohnK

    Need offshore company and account fast, how fast is possible?

    Hi Guys fin4774" I'm all new to this forum and the world of offshore company formation with banking! So forgive me for this question but I'm lost. My situation is the following, I have an small online business where I sell simple services. My monthly profits are round 6000 usd which I don't...