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  1. avalanche

    Georgian Residence Permit via Business

    Does anybody know any details about getting Residence Permit in Georgia when you have a Georgian LLC receiving income only from foreign clients? Based on what I've heard you just need: 1. register your LLC for VAT 2. receive around $20,000 as income on TransferWise or another EMI 3. receive...
  2. avalanche

    Collect local payments from Middle East by Georgian company

    Anybody knows good EMIs that allow Georgian company to easily collect payments via any locally known payment system in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait? Something like dlocal but for Middle East Also SWIFT withdrawal is needed of course.
  3. avalanche

    Non-Resident Sole Proprietor in Georgia (Tbilisi)

    Does Non-Resident Sole Proprietor with small business status in Georgia have to report all sole proprietor transactions to the Revenue Service in Georgia? Is there any tax liability for such transactions in Georgia? The thing is, on the government website it is written:
  4. avalanche

    Taking dividends from Georgian TFZ company.

    What about taking dividends from a Georgian Tbilisi Free Zone company? The income is received only on foreign business bank accounts and business EMIs. Let's assume EMIs and business bank accounts do not have any GEL (lari) and company does not have any business bank accounts in Georgia. Is it...
  5. avalanche

    Anybody tried sending from TransferWise to PerfectMoney?

    Anyone has experience with sending TransferWise to PerfectMoney and vice versa? Curious if this payment tandem would work. Is it even allowed by the rules of TW? :D
  6. avalanche

    Georgia LLC 10% Withholding Tax?

    If I'm paying Russian or Philippine freelancers outside of Georgia for the services, do I have to withhold 10% tax from all payments to these people? Russia and Philippines do not have any double taxation avoidance treaty with Georgia.
  7. avalanche

    Any solid & affordable Georgian accounting firms?

    Most Georgian accountants do not even know about user friendly Xero or Akaunting platforms for SME. Most of their software is in Georgian, quite confusing and overcomplicated (for my case). Do you know any good accountants in Georgia who use modern software and are capable of working remotely?
  8. avalanche

    Do I need to pay income tax in Poland?

    I'm a resident of an asian country (not resident of EU) and I'm looking forward to opening a personal bank account in Poland. Do I have to report to Polish tax department all future income dropping on my bank account in Poland? Income is not related to Poland in any way.
  9. avalanche

    How safe it is for Russians to open a company in Georgia?

    Due to the recent events, how safe it is for an English speaking russian to move to and do business in Georgia? What is the probability of having your bank account closed because of nationality? Do you think the risk is serious or there is nothing to be worried about?
  10. avalanche

    Any tips for Singaporean LLC setup with Nominee?

    Does anybody have any experience with Singapore LLC? Just found an interesting service allowing to incorporate in Singapore. All foreign-owned LLC in Singapore must have a local nominee director. Same guys also provide Secretary, virtual office and they seem to be also arranging meeting with a...
  11. avalanche

    Optimizing tax for mobile app development business (Delaware Offshore)

    I'm a citizen of Russia, living in the Philippines for more than 1 year. My business is developing mobile apps. I have an idea to open an offshore Delaware LLC with the purpose of optimising my tax (preferably down to 0%). Philippine alien residents do not have to pay any tax on foreign income...