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  1. rothko13

    Offshore IBC for mutual funds / Forex Trading now in Seychelles or what?

    I am looking to provide similar services. I am an EU resident, hence CFC rules apply. I am not looking to avoid tax, just want to run the business from jurisdiction that allows it. What would be the best solution? Seychelles company owned by EU company will do? So corporation tax is paid on EU...
  2. rothko13

    Replica product payment gateway recommend

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  3. rothko13

    Replica product payment gateway recommend

    Hi, can you please message me?
  4. rothko13

    Cryptocurrency Disposal - Tax options?

    Anyone guys? Cyprus specialists maybe, with any knowledge of cryptocurrency as a Cyprus resident? Appreciate it
  5. rothko13

    Cryptocurrency Disposal - Tax options?

    I'm UK resident and looking for options for disposing of some crypto. At the beginning it was a split investment with a friend where we bought BTC together right at the low (Nov 2015) around $300 each... That was at a later stage converted into ETH and what was a $15k investment on my part...
  6. rothko13

    SFM Offshore Banking: A Review

    more proofs this company is pure SCAM: Sfmcorporate is rated "Poor" with 4.5 / 10 on Trustpilot
  7. rothko13

    (Admin modified) about to have my first offshore company ordered but it seems that i can NOT trust..

    I got scammed in 4500€ forming a company with SFM-OFFSHORE: Offshore Company Registration - Incorporation Offshore Companies | SFM Offshore They're a HUGE big scam with a lot of money to persuading people with a agressive marketing strategie and they hide their ass probably bebind a fucking...
  8. rothko13

    Infinity Group, good choice?

    Thanks for your review @Gunter you just saved my time and money!
  9. rothko13

    Infinity Group, good choice?

    Thanks for you comments, however they sent an email today and their corporate domain is: that redirect to this other "promotional" domain. This domain has .sc extension and was registered in Russia, in 2010, anyways I'll make a test and update here!
  10. rothko13

    Infinity Group, good choice?

    I wonnder if anyone has experience to share about this company formation service, Infinity Group, they're "specialized" in Seychells ibc's, they've offices in Latvia and Moscow: Any information about this company will be much appreciated :)
  11. rothko13

    LocalBitCoins.Com review please?

    Yes, Localbitcoins is one of the best ways to sell/buy btc's these days. Trades are protected by escrow service and you can check the members feedback score. Another good option you can check is: Sell bitcoin | Paxful Hope it help you :)
  12. rothko13

    SFM Offshore Banking: A Review

    I had a terrible experience with this company, stay away!
  13. rothko13

    Offshore Company with 3 Debit Cards and offshore account!

    Nice post. Can you share a trustworthy SMS gateway service?
  14. rothko13

    USA Bank Account for Offshore company how?

    Hey @auric I wonder if you ever tried these guys here? 2 domains, same company. They claim to open US bank account remotely. Delaware Registered Agent Over 38 yrs - Free Mail Forwarding Start a new business as a Delaware Corporation or LLC filed online