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    Wyoming LLC - What solution for bank and paypal to avoid reporting to my local authorities?

    Yes EU owners and shareholders, legit business no issues at all. But they are not from the UK so PayPal has limit the account!
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    Wyoming LLC - What solution for bank and paypal to avoid reporting to my local authorities?

    Yes, they rejected to unlimit the account :(
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    RAK ICC Company

    Thank you for clarification. I will close this thread here to avoid any unwanted links!
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    Anyone else having Problems with Heritage Int. Bank / Belize currently?

    You want to have a look here : Not bad reading if you are interested to learn more ;)
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    Cashing out bitcoin through Swissquote

    Did you also read around here that many report there is no problem. Count me in on that statement, no problems with TW and kraken what so ever, I have send a lot of transaction that way!
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    RAK ICC Company

    second that question and want to add, what are the benefits to register a RAC IIC compared to other entities in the UAE ?
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    Advice Needed - Moving my company

    Great, so we have an explanation to this, thanks for pointing that out.
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    Cashing out bitcoin through Swissquote

    okay, but there is no problem to receive payments from any crypto exchange to TransferWise, has been discussed here a few times already. Anyway, if they have their "own banking" and you can use that for spendings etc. it may be fine. Otherwise I believe that while many world wide banks already...
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    Advice Needed - Moving my company

    Why does he say that he is going to be taxed 12,5% on my dividends in Cyprus? I don't get it??
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    Cashing out bitcoin through Swissquote

    Interesting, what makes bitstamp better then any of the other known EMI's & exchanges? Just curious? Legit earned crypto coins can be sold at any exchange and most often if you transfer them to your local bank that know you and you are able to provide backup documents for the coins there is no...
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    New Mexico LLC + Cyprus Non-Dom

    Well, if you are able to pay what it cost I'm still satisfied with Cyprus, I have read endless negative about Cyprus since the last two years on this forum, as the number of active posters increase the more neagtive stuff cam around here. It was surprising me because I can only recognize a...
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    ePayments is gone!

    Why would you wait to report it. If you can't get an answer to the issue you should report it right away.
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    Advice Needed - Moving my company

    I'm not sure if I read this right PAGE 9 So why do you have to pay 12,5% tax on dividends in Cyprus ?
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    Turnerlittle unable to open decent bank account for HK company

    I totally agree with what already is said here. Most people who have incorporated their business in HK are going with NEAT - there are endless threads at OCT forum already. The bank account opening is always the hard part when it comes to offshore companies, even for normal companies setup...
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    Best jurisdictions for free speech?

    That's why I wrote: You are pretty much finish if they go after you in person so the only help you can get is from a lawyer. Your case will be much stronger if he already know what you are into and you have provided him with all needed information.
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    Withdraw money on atm vs withdraw to bank account ?

    Don't we speak about card transactions here? I don't believe it was about wire transfers neither IBAN nor SWIFT transfers!
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    Best jurisdictions for free speech?

    Maybe it would be a good idea to do some sort of load balancing between servers setup in different "freedom of speech" countries so if one get shut down the other takes over. Not sure if this is possible to do on different domain extensions. Also you may check with a lawyer how you can take...
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    Thank you for your information, much appreciated, let's hope it will work out for good with no one loose any money!
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    Looking for virtual or physical debit card for my offshore company

    Do you work for this company? You suggest it all the times?