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  1. hoax

    Can European tax authorities x-ray Caribean company?

    Question is simple. Are European tax (Slovenia, Ukraine, Germany) authorities able to contact Caribbean authorities and ask for detailed documentation of the company? Especially, will they be able to check the UBO of Caribbean company?
  2. hoax

    Bank or EMI for crypto-business

    Hey Everyone, I'm an owner of the small crypto-asset company. We are kind of like an exchange. I'm looking at some solution that can provide me with some of the currencies: USD, KRW, CNY or JPY. Second really important part is that we are aiming for Asia and Europe so we need to be able to...
  3. hoax

    FAST bank account/EMI for company

    I 'm the owner of Maltese company that going to start with software development. As for now, I'm searching for a bank account or EMI account that I can set up within 12 to 20 days for my company and then I can receive 1 mln euro from Dubai as round of investment. Do you have any provider that...