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  1. extremedox101

    anyone know if TW does this ....

    hello i want setup new account with transferwise with real uk address , my current country is not eligible for their card program , the reason i want new tw account is rather not so serious (their card is debit card is not in same level as 99% of prepaid cards from other emi's . but that...
  2. extremedox101

    skrill plastic card , two attempts no delivery .

    hi , i hope you had nice xmas hehe i have used 2 different uk based mail services to receive the card but the forward address not getting new mail . i double checked the addresses with providers to make sure everything will be slick. the first provider was registered as virtual mail box and i...
  3. extremedox101

    issue how to save with money transfers ?

    i use card with usd currency to topup my transferwise boardless account but tw accept euro by default , so i pay 4% currency conversion plus 2-3 euro and 1.5% fees to send funds to local bank in addition i don't get usd or euro in my bank account because tw not allow it to my country . is...
  4. extremedox101

    which payment processor 1stformations does use ?

    hi anyone can help with this info please ?? i would appreciate any help .
  5. extremedox101

    crypto to fiat, when banks are lowering their stance against crypto?

    hello guys i need someone to think with me ... what some convenient ways to transfer money from crypto-exchange to local bank account? if 1. banks are during early stage of legal switch but new laws isn't shaped so far specially for individuals. 2. i don't do p2p such localbitcoin as there...
  6. extremedox101

    which option is more risky?

    hi i'm trying to find an answer to how i should make successful low-mid xxxx range deposits with debit cards without risking Skrill or TW account , the direction/option that have advantage over the other should work fine if i'm doing several transactions per month . which is safer to do in...
  7. extremedox101

    swiss exchange lykke?

    i have just found about swiss exchange using a crypto review site ... do you recommend this site if u had any experience ? i think the exchange is new or small at the moment. to make sure they are getting traffic i analyzed their sources via similarweb , but it does not come...
  8. extremedox101

    uk based mail forwarder that allow receiving envelope with debit card

    hi anyone have experience with reliable uk based forwarder i can get residential address from and allow personal debit card ? i'm not looking to be anon i will use my own id if site 100% legit and known mainstream site + good support. i prefer to pay as you go or on items received not...
  9. extremedox101

    what best cbi programs in caribbean countries ?

    hi my passport does not guarantee me free entrance to many countries , and is wayy more difficult with immigration so i'm looking for good passport on long term for me and small family (no wife/kids ) . i don't care about the type of investment also if this help with free movement to...
  10. extremedox101

    US Visa/MC plastic card provider for non resident non citizens?

    hi is there straight forward way for non US citizen/non resident individual to get both visa+mc cards from north american emi ? i don't care if their bank is offshore . my ultimate goal to topup these us cards with another card ,or if they accept refunds that would work too . i'm not...
  11. extremedox101

    transferwise payment bounced

    hi i sent small amount from tw account to skrill , i just did to test how this works . i used Skrill swift code for this transfer , i fill payment details with reference number because transferwsie didnt accept their recipient IBAN , that cost me 2 euro . i have seen the credit in my...
  12. extremedox101

    EMI with dedicated/personal outgoing iban

    hi as title say which emi's provide unique outgoing IBAN ? so when i send from the emi account the recipient bank see my personal iban as sender . not some generic account or middle bank ? is this possible ?
  13. extremedox101

    this how unmoderated trustpilot profile looks like

    Skrill is rated "Bad" with 1.3 / 10 on Trustpilot i wont give skrill 7/10 because the support but 1.3 is kinda shady
  14. C

    unionpay as a Chinese company

    Just when I was considering opening an account... My banks charge much higher fees than EMIs, but at least I'm sleeping well, because I know my services would not be shut down without any warning. My main bank is more than 100 years old. Age is a good sign for financial companies.
  15. extremedox101

    why i cant open bank account remotely ?

    hi i tried this swiss bank that open account by skype meeting , but some banker closed my account after some questions . she is a girl (very mean)and native then i spoke to another women she was very kind person and explained to me . why there is no more banks like this with possibility to...
  16. extremedox101


    hi i want to check n26 it's seem they have some nice features , i read a lot of good reviews but some stated that their cs don't reply emails . i'm trying to find alternative to paxum as it does not approach business in right way aswell there are too many unnecessary delays . but i'm not...
  17. extremedox101

    is revolut card 3d secure ?

    hi i read revolut issue virtual cards , what about plastic card are they 3d secure enabled ? not sure what the difference between travel cards and prepaid cards when cashing out at ATM worldwide --- does prepaid cards widely accepted ? thanks
  18. extremedox101

    searching for convenient EMI

    hi it's been a time since i found something like payoneer, i'm with paxum now sometimes they sound like crooks but most times like incompetent losers who work hard to hide stuff ... i know about paysera , mistertango,revolut, n26 (i like n26 from outside but it's eu only)at least 2 does not...
  19. extremedox101

    affiliate program ask for ID

    hi it's strange that affiliate site ask for identification in my niche . i have given those proofs to banks,emis and even crypto exchanges that i didn't use . but the idea of sharing sensitive with some site that i could not trust that much .is scary . thankfully i don't make serious...
  20. extremedox101

    EMI that take EFT and with prepaid card?

    hi it's getting hell in paxum ... cant get my card issued since 4 months i think they going through problems . i opened account with transferwise which i can use for EFT but i'm not eligible for Transferwise card . ( EEA only) how i can move money from paxum > EFT> card to withdraw cash...