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    Mentor Group Gold Chat Room

    This thread will be for discussing the Mentor Group Gold Chat Room. If you have any questions, suggestions or simply need help, just post in this thread. Enjoy this new feature which is the first new initiative to make the Mentor Group even better.
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    Premium Advertising Partner Unlock the Power of OffshoreCorpTalk: Become a Member of the Mentor Group Gold

    The true power of OffshoreCorpTalk lies in our exclusive Mentor Group Gold. When you sign up for Mentor Group Gold, you will receive a wide variety of special privileges as well as the coveted Gold Badge on your profile. Let’s go over just a few of the perks you can enjoy with Mentor Group Gold...
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    Chat Room at OffshoreCorpTalk good or bad?

    We consider to setup a live chat for registered users at OffshoreCorpTalk. It will work similar to Skype, Telegram etc. it is just integrated in the forum. The options are closed chat rooms (password protected) , normal closed chat rooms (1 on 1) and Group chat rooms. Please vote to let us...
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    Help us! What's important when you choose a service provider?

    Hello Guys, In our effort to make even better for all of us and for the many users which come here to look for answers then we would need your opinion. What is important for you to pick a service provider your ant to pay for his services to help you? You may ask, what...
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    Gold price stable and almost the same for the last 2 days?

    It may be a stupid question so apologize. However, since the last 2 business days the price for 1 Oz Gold has been the same 1344 EURO per OZ - is it my browser or the source I'm looking at or is it real?
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    No recommendation on forum users!

    Hello Guys, From time to time we get requests about certain users, most often it is if people are close to make a deal with another forum member. The question is always the same, people ask the Admin if they can recommend this or that service and the answer is always the same. As an...
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    REVIEW Silver Membership - Now only €75 per year!

    To all valuable forum members, We have listened to your voice in the last survey where many have participated. You requested that it should be possible to Private Message people if you are new to the forum and you wanted more functionality and some of the annoying stuff removed from the...
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    REVIEW Take the OffshoreCorpTalk Survey and help us to be better!

    Hello valuable forum members, As you already may know from the PM we send out today, then we try to collect information about the overall user experience at Not everything has to be perfect, so this survey has som misleading title and questions which leads most of us to...
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    Gold price highest ever!

    Let me start this new forum with a fantatisc discovery. The Gold price for 1oz has reached new heights 1512 EURO o_O It's awesome and I didn't thought that this could happen that fast when I started investing small amounts in Gold.
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    Important! Security update, for the moment Internet Explorer / Edge is not working to browse the forum!

    Hello, We are in the process of improving (harden) the security of the forum software, add on's, and the entire server including external services used. Since the change to the latest TSL security protocol 1.3 it looks like that Internet Explore / Edge does not support this update and for that...
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    Important! How does each of the available subscriptions at OffshoreCorpTalk.Com work!

    There has been a lot of misleading information on the forum, as well as confusion about what is required, and which subscription may offer the service you need. The different subscriptions and how they are used are as follows: Mentor Group Subscription The Mentor Group membership allows you...
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    Why is Tether considered a stable coin?

    I have reading around the forum that the crypto coin Tether is the most stable coin around the crypto market. I also read it in a few books about using crypto as alternative currency. Now if I'm looking at Tether, Tether (USDT) price, charts, market cap, and other metrics | CoinMarketCap and...
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    Important! Time to list the SCAM's on this forum!

    This list will be updated if people get BANNED for one or another reason on this forum. The Administrator and the co-mods are the only one that can add people here, there is no one else that can demand someone listed here or suggest who should be listed here. When we BAN people here either...
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    Important! Forum rules! - Read before you spam the forum.

    Hello Guys, From today on it is not allowed to post any advertising threads in this forum! During the next days and weeks we will clean the forum from all advertising threads and now allow new to be posted, violation of this rule will be punished with a perma BAN without warning. If you want...
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    What's your experience with pervesk ?

    In a few threads I have seen the EMI & payment processor Reliable & Secure Electronic Payment Services | PERVESK show up as a reference for people that seek a reliable EMI and payment processor. When looking at their website it's almost like any other EMI, however, when scrolling down the page...
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    Happy New Year 2020 to all OCT members.

    Hello valuable forum mebers, We want to thank you for your participating at - 2019 has grown this forum to unexpected strange and growth which we have to thank each of you for. Without the continues help from the forum members here on it would not have...
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    Report function fixed.

    For some time it has been impossible to hit the REPORT function that show up on each post in the left. You have had a lazy Admin that didn't looked into it before now and after several users have reported the error, I'm terrible sorry about that. !THE GOOD NEWS! The REPORT FUNCTION is working...
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    Why PayPal is asking customers to pay by card if they have a balance?

    Hello, Yesterday a forum member asked why he had to pay with card while he has a balance on his PayPal account to cover the charges. The last day I have seen the same, there were sufficient of funds on the account when I wanted to pay someone but still PayPal required me to pay by card. Has...
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    Now 100,000 post on OffshoreCorpTalk !

    Hello valuable member of OffshoreCcorpTalk, Yesterday we break the 100K post mark on OffshoreCorpTalk, we are happy to see that most of you have had pleasure to post your thoughts, opinions and questions on our forum. We value each and everyone of you and hope you will keep participating...
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    Phony company Rashal International LLC and

    Hello, Usually I would not start a thread about people that try to scam or in other way harm but I feel it is time to reveal the methods this company is using, more to warn others in the same situation. As some of you may already have read there has been a discussion...