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  1. TurnedToRobot

    How to get Crypto (bitcoins) to debit card?

    I was wondering if there is a new provider of crypto wallet that offer a debit card (Visa or Mastercard) like xapo & Mister Tango used to do in the past?
  2. TurnedToRobot

    Perfect Money how do they work?

    I wonder how perfect money works! Is it like PayPal or more like Stripe and 2co? As I understand you receive credit card payments with them and can withdraw to any bank account or has the bank account to be in the name of the PM account holders?
  3. TurnedToRobot

    Someone tried Smart Card Payments?

    I see their banner here on the forum which I clicked and lead me to Smart Card Payments – High Risk Credit Card Processing wonder if someone know if this is a trustworthy payment processor? Maybe the owners can reply with what business they accept for instant if they accept high risk biz?
  4. TurnedToRobot

    Huge scam - 8 man from Madagascar are held on illegally fishing in SC!

    Be warned, Seychelles is increasingly forced to stop the activity of setting up offshore companies in a battle to stop the big whales to hide their money with tax sharks in the Seychelles. Today 8 man from Madagascar got caught to fish in the Seychelles I wonder how the OECD and EU will go...
  5. TurnedToRobot

    What about people leaving fake reviews on this forum?

    We have seen a lot of negative reviews from customers that leaving negative reviews one way or another about some service provider either from this forum or external. I wonder how it is possible to avoid fake negative reviews about a provider, I can mention the thread that was here about Euro...
  6. TurnedToRobot

    BAT - Basic Attention Token VS Bitcoin

    Hello, Does someone know why it almost always is that BAT is falling while BTC rise and the opposite ? Today I saw BTC be in RED while BAT rised with 9% and keep going up.
  7. TurnedToRobot

    Twitter, InstaGram, Facebook and more followers!

    Has someone tried these services which I found on another forum? Followiz: The Best SMM Panel - Social Media Services for Resellers <- This one looks promising if it really does what it says! Neopanel - The Best SMM Panel | Social Media Services for Resellers <- it looks similar to the...
  8. TurnedToRobot

    Do you know who it's on my Avatar?

    Can you guess who it is I have put on my Avatar from the poll below?
  9. TurnedToRobot

    Germany only country where you can buy a car with 20K euro in Cash?

    I just read somewhere that it is possible to buy a car or other stuff with 20,000 euro in cash! Is Germany the only country where this is possible or are most countries accepting that much money in cash?
  10. TurnedToRobot

    Beginner Trading Platform for top 100 cryptos?

    Where can I find a easy trading platform for TOP 100 crypto coins? I have looked at KRAKEN PRO but it is like looking at something my brain simply not understand, something abstract! Is there any easy way to start somewhere with crypto trading / day trading crypto?
  11. TurnedToRobot

    Someone know the payment service provider checkout ?

    I stumbled upon this payment service provider which approved my business Global payment solution for websites & apps | now I wonder if someone know them or have good or bad to say about them? Please, any input would be much appreciated.
  12. TurnedToRobot

    Do you think everyone pay tax on Crypto trading?

    I was wondering what you think or may even do. Are people paying taxes from the coins people hold and trade or do you think that the majority forget to inform their tax office about it? What do you considere the risk factors to not report your coins?
  13. TurnedToRobot

    Belize, Public Statement CryptoCurrency prohibited from Feb. 2019!

    I just got the shitty information from an agent that Belize has banned CryptoCurrency and that it isn't allowed to maintain or own a company which deals with CryptoCurrency! That's really bad news for all the people who have put Crypto business in the description of the company's activity...
  14. TurnedToRobot

    Why does this service provider looks fake?

    I came across this Dubai company formation service, searching for reliable providers and found the website to be professional. The services they provide to form companies and Foundations in Dubai is what I'm looking for right now. Then I saw this Key People The link says KEY PEOPLE and up...
  15. TurnedToRobot

    What do you think about paxful to buy bitcoins?

    I just signed up for Buy bitcoin instantly | Paxful - they advertise it's possible to by BTC without to verify your account first! Is that possible? As a crypto wallet how would you rate this provider, relible or take care? Any input is much appreciated eek¤%&
  16. TurnedToRobot

    What are the steps to setup a Trust in Belize?

    I was wondering if someone of you can let me know what the steps are involved to setup a trust in Belize? Are there any general guideline in regards to documents required and what forms or application we have to complete and return to the agent? Any help would be much appreciated.
  17. TurnedToRobot

    Using credit card to buy small amounts BTC what service is fast to use?

    Hello, From time to time there are people here that need to pay in BTC to me and other service providers but for some reason they don't have any bitcoins or know anyting about it. Today I have such a case again and most often I tell them to use , or changelly -...
  18. TurnedToRobot

    Someone tested WorldRemit for money transfers by mobile?

    I just came across WorldRemit who is advertising money transfer by bank transfer and even cash pickup by mobile phone. According to their advertising you simply enter the amount you want to send and the other parties phone number and the money is ready in seconds by the receiver, even as cash...
  19. TurnedToRobot

    List of Banks, EMI's, Payment processors and BTC to FIAT institutions.

    Hello Fellows, I compiled a list of these providers by going through almost any post here on the forum where people ask for bank advise or advise in matters of payment processors EMI's and BTC to FIAT exchanges. If you find this list useful then please hit the like button and feel free to...
  20. TurnedToRobot

    Mentor Group for anonymity!

    Hi Admin and folks :D I just want to push the Mentor Group a little. I know some people here find it less attractive to join the mentor group because they could not find what they were looking for. Others are happy with their subscription, me included. If you are looking for tax advice or...