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    Basic Privacy Needed w/Solid Banking Options

    Wow with so many changes recently with UBO in Europe I just want my name off the public registry as a beneficial owner. The gov't will know I own the company, that I don't care about. I just want a decent jurisdiction with good banking and low taxes. Is Hong Kong and Singapore decent options...
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    Which EMI is best for large consulting fees?

    Is there an EMI in which you can accept fees from US, Australian & Canadian clients between 5-20k? Is there any EMI you could trust? My business is B2B consulting and I have a few merchant accounts but I just want something that increases redundancy as most merchants hate large credit card...
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    Needing to take credit cards for US or Irish Company

    I have 2 companies and I want to take cards (I have Stripe, and a few others) but I want to find a company I can take credit cards for large consulting fees $10k+. I don't know if there is a solution as most of my customers are US based. Does anyone here know a place where you can accept large...
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    Help Setting Up New Corp For Marketing Company

    We do marketing for various firms and we do very compliant work to show banks. What we are trying to do is minimize taxes and get decent banking. I currently live in Europe but I'm also a US citizen. Any ideas? So far I like the idea of Hong Kong but I'm worried about the fees for the audit or...
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