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  1. J

    Paypal personal and business

    Personal and business accounts are entirely separate. You have nothing to worry about.
  2. J

    Cyprus LTD (non-resident) and VAT/MOSS?

    If I incorporate a non-resident company in Cyprus and have >€10k B2C sales of digital services to EU residents, do I need to register for MOSS? Also, is it possible to be a non-dom resident in Cyprus and have a non-resident company?
  3. J

    Verifying Cyprus company

    Is it possible to check if a company registered in Cyprus is a tax resident or offshore one if all I know is the company number?
  4. J

    Offshore company and stripe account, how?

    Canadian LLP formed by two offshore companies might work, especially in regards to opening a bank account for the LLP.
  5. J

    Hong Kong company bank account?

    Why can't you open a bank account in Hong Kong? You could use EMIs as well (TransferWise?)
  6. J

    Bank Account for eCommerce Business

    @joshuarex open a UAB company. register it for VAT and obtain a VAT ID. add it to your facebook account (Hinzufügen deiner Umsatzsteueridentifikationsnummer und weiterer relevanter Unternehmensinformationen zu deinem Facebook-Werbekonto | Hilfebereich für Facebook-Werbeanzeigen ). When running...
  7. J

    How to make website owner intractable?

    I'd use Njalla to register the domain. In regards to hosting itself, you need to know who your enemies are and what kind of tools and method they might use against you. If you want full security, I'd form a Nevis or Belize company, obtain my own IPv4 space and set up a network with multiple...
  8. J

    For GBP EMI What is better TransferWise or

    maybe add to the mix. forget reliability with EMIs, the trick is to use as many as possible and hope for the best.
  9. J

    For GBP EMI What is better TransferWise or

    Why not both? It's not like it costs you anything... plus it'll be a nice backup thu&¤#
  10. J

    Withdraw money from PayPal - Offshore bank account?

    Uh, that's a hard one. I guess you could move to a country which doesn't have CFC rules in place and set up an offshore structure?
  11. J

    Withdraw money from PayPal - Offshore bank account?

    What kind of business are you running? Without more info no one can answer your questions. Also, where do you live / which country are you tax resident of?
  12. J

    Offshore or low-tax solution for software developer

    A bit offtopic, but how the hell do you find a russian GF, let alone one who has a remote job!? :rolleyes: In regards to 3), check out Larnaca - I think you can stay as long as you want but you'll have to apply for MEU1.
  13. J

    Sole Trader/ECOM needs help

    What exactly is the problem? If you need PayPal then open a bank account in Cyprus - you shouldn't have a hard time doing that as you are a resident there anyway.
  14. J

    Cyprus dormant company formation

    Thank you, I'll mentor group access soon. I assume the €1500 is formation only, how much do you think it would cost to maintain such company per year?
  15. J

    Can we trust for online banking?

    Yes. I am from ex-yu and I got it after answering few simple questions. The only problem you'll have is that you can't change the shipping country but you can just put Sweden in one of the address fields - they will redact UK manually, at least they did in my case. However please take CFC rules...
  16. J

    Can we trust for online banking?

    I had an account with them (I'm a UK non-resident but I hold an EU passport), haven't really used it but I had no problems opening it. Depending on your revenue, I'd fly to London and try getting a real bank account.
  17. J

    Cyprus dormant company formation

    How much does it cost to incorporate a LTD in Cyprus, can I do it on my own and who's the best provider? This company would be tax resident in Cyprus but it won't actually receive any money, it will basically be dormant for 1-2 years. I don't need nominees or a bank account, only a virtual office.
  18. J

    Limited company in Croatia?

    Has anyone looked into opening a limited company in Croatia? Might be interesting as CIT should be 12% starting from 2020 if profits are less than ~€1M.
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