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  1. atreus

    transferwise disabled account + not releasing funds

    Are you a US customer ? it's very easy to get your coins released.
  2. atreus

    Why don't you join forces and start your own EMI

    OK so here is a wild though : Since most of you need a bank account, either personal or business, or a merchant account for your online business, why don't you simply join forces and start your own EMI ? More than 50 % of the issues here are : Crypto services looking for a bank account /...
  3. atreus

    Alternatives to Stripe/2checkout ? Using UK LTD Company

    OK this is quite an issue because the card networks require a company representative to be living where in the EU or where the company is formed. You can hire somebody who will act as the director of the company, he will be applying for bank accounts and merchant accounts.
  4. atreus

    Stripe monitored by FACTA and CRS

    You can create a new company and assign a director residing in that country, you will have to pay a small fee (wage) but it will save you lots of troubles, lookup baltic countries.
  5. atreus

    Buying BTC in USA

    Paxful, find a reputal trader and do either : Bank wire Cash in mail Cashiers Check The trader will likely be registered with FinCen and will conduct a KYC, however it's way more private than Coinbase or Exchanges. Even if the trader asks you for your SSN (again FinCen regulations), you can...
  6. atreus

    Stripe monitored by FACTA and CRS

    It all depend on your country of residence and the processor you're using, I would strongly suggest you get a small processor + use a formed company with a CEO other than you. Basically you will have a company under someone's management while you are the UBO (legal and available in lots of...
  7. atreus

    None EU/US resident trying to process credit cards/bank account for legit business.

    Alright you can do as follow . 1- get an estonian e-residency card, it will be shipped to the Estonian general consulate of your country. 2- create an Estonian entity, takes a couple of days and doesn't require lots of fees. 3- Build your website and get your business ready. 4- Reply to this...
  8. atreus

    Stripe monitored by FACTA and CRS

    Of course, Stripe is the type of company that would do everything to please regulators and banks they work with. Stripe is practically registered everywhere they offer merchant services, hence report your processing history to tax agencies.
  9. atreus

    Problems with credit card processor for crypto exchange

    No, All EU processors follow this MC requirement. A legal opinion for the UK will cost you 1750 EURO, you will however have the guarantee it will be accepted by the card processor and mastercard. I am not selling anything here, feel free to reply for more info.
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