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    Paysera, Revolut, TransferWise and tax

    It depends on the country. If you split the sum into different EMI, you minimize the risks (maybe not all accounts will be found), and if they chase you, usually you can settle the thing with only a minor penalty, which considering the limited amount of money that you'd have in a single EMI...
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    Is trustable?

    Yes, this is exactly what made me dubious. 12% on PAX is a monstruosity. But also having a credit card with lounge access by simply stacking 2700 usd for 6 months -if you get back the money, the perk is supposed to stay- is not sustainable. Since i'm pretty new to cryptocurrencies, these things...
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    Is any crypto currency taxed worldwide in 2020?

    In most countries, Crypto earnings are taxed the moment they are converted back to fiat currencies (at least for individuals). In some countries, there is a treshold below which you are not taxed for profits from currencies, as you are not considered a professional broker.
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    Is trustable?

    As the title says. Cryptocurrency in Every Wallet™ | Best Place To Buy Sell Store Crypto | they offer a service which looks similar to AdvCash, but I have never seen it mentioned here in the forum. They give you cashback in MCO, which can be created only in this way -seems a kind of...
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