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    List of Banks, EMI's, Payment processors and BTC to FIAT institutions.

    Seems ipagoo got some serious problems.. https://www.ipagoo.com/ ipagoo LLP has, with effect from 24 July 2019, been required to temporarily refrain from conducting any authorised activities. This means that access to Ipagoo accounts is currently suspended and account holders will not be able...
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    Panama&Bahamas on list

    Okay guys, new signatures to country by country informations exchanges are here. Newly Panama & Bahamas & others are on list https://www.oecd.org/tax/exchange-of-tax-information/CbC-MCAA-Signatories.pdf Also notice a new actualised document called tax conventions for administrative (gov)...
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    What's the best possible way to legally hide UBO in UK LTD?

    anticfc> you're right I mean an UBO rules no CFC/ATAD directive. The 10% threshold for USA can be found in CSR loophole document...
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    What's the best possible way to legally hide UBO in UK LTD?

    But there are also a specific conditions for few countries. For example France has single ownership threshold 5%. For USA is threshold 10%.
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    You're right.
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    Not sure about adult but you can open your account only if you "live" in countries above. Dont use a mail forwarding services because most know services are know to N26 too. After they send you a card on the address which you fill in the registration you activate it by phone and run the...
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    Principality of Monaco...

    There are also "tricks" how the authorities trying to check if you really live in Monaco. For example they're looking for utility bills like electric&water consumptions, cleaning services, garage for your apartman using etc.. You can also find a companies which "forget" to set lights off after...
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    EMI account non EU residents + Card

    John, do you have any experience with paycent/spectrocoin?
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