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  1. libicap

    Company to make sales in the US, which jurisdictions to incorporate a company? Considering the ease of getting bank accounts and US MIDs.

    Hey all, We are an e-Commerce company. We have a lot of sales in the US and right now the sales are being processed by our EU companies. We would like to find jurisdictions that can we can get US or any North America MIDs processor in order to optimize our conversion rate, and of course a...
  2. libicap

    Banks that accepts Hong Kong company without the need to travel?

    Hello, We are an e-Commerce company and are looking for banks that accepts Hong Kong companies without the need to travel. We don't mind travelling but due to current situation it's best to find another solution. We are looking for proper brick and mortar bank, not EMIs. We are open to all...
  3. libicap

    Process with Paypal without paypal account?

    Hello all! Paypal shut us down and we are looking for some solution to process payments from our customers without a paypal account. I am not sure if we this is possible, as I know all paypal clients have to go through them and they don't really offer aggregation account to other payment service...
  4. libicap

    Bendura Bank account opening requirements

    Hello all! We are in e-Commerce and would like to open an account with Bendura Bank in Liechtenstein. I am a newbie! I communicated with Bendura over emails and I have some questions, that I do not understand their response: 1. They mentioned that the investment portfolio has to be at least...
  5. libicap

    Amald Merchant Service - Anyone worked with them? Reviews?

    Hello all! I have recently come across this service: Look for High-Risk Merchant Account for sturdy pay-outs through Amald, wonder if anyone here has used them or worked with them? I tried looking on their page and LinkedIn, don't find anything suspicious though. I spoke to them some months...
  6. libicap

    Malta Offshore Office Rental

    Hello all, We have set up a Malta offshore entity some time ago. We find the need to provide utility bills to our payment processors and as an e-Commerce company we often need to show utility proof. We are looking to rent an office in Malta, it doesn't need to be big as we are not going to...
  7. libicap

    Utility proof for offshore company in Malta and Singapore

    Hello all, We recently set up two offshore companies in Malta and Singapore, we are in e-commerce business. We were asked to provide utility proofs when applying for payment processors. Obviously we cannot provide any, as we only have a registered address. Any recommended solutions or...
  8. libicap

    Payment processors that accept UAE entity for e-Commerce business

    Hello, we have just set up a UAE entity for our e-Commerce shop (consumer electronics and gadgets). We have tried the main-stream ones: Telr, Network International, PayTab, waiting for PayFort's response, but seems like they do not take consumer electronics business IF we are selling outside the...
  9. libicap

    E-commerce Affiliate Network looking to open an offshore company and bank account

    Hello, we are trying to look for top 3 jurisdictions to set up an offshore company. Our main activities for the company would be to pay affiliates, to receive payments from payment processors and to pay our suppliers in China. We would prefer to get a jurisdiction which is easier to open a bank...
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