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  1. thirtyniner

    Post Brexit Transferwise

    Europe has been the major consumer of the world for ages. With the purchasing power becoming lower and lower, and with legislation becoming more strict and less liberal, this power that Europe holds will be lost in a few years. UK is leaving and most probably with no-deal. France is becoming one...
  2. thirtyniner

    TransferWise and CRS

    This is our point of view as account holders. Now think what would their base of clients be in case EU prevents them from properly operating in EU, with proper rights as they do now.
  3. thirtyniner

    Post Brexit Transferwise

    Revolut was smarter and is going to Estonia! More and more I support what @Martin Everson wrote somewhere on this forum "Abandon EU while you can and thank me later". I'm becoming more and more keen to that!
  4. thirtyniner

    Need Advice - I screwed up, and i don't have money for taxes..

    That can be quite difficult to handle, but as a few already told, you are far from being lost. Considering you don't have valuable goods to be charged by them, they have no other option than accept the instalment. Be honest and straight with them, and provide a workable plan to return this...
  5. thirtyniner

    Shopify Store - PPE - Acceptable PP

    Does anyone have suggestions for this? The payment Provider list is quite extensive, and I would prefer not to test all of them.
  6. thirtyniner

    Shopify Store - PPE - Acceptable PP

    Hello everyone, I have a Shopify store (EU) selling Personal Protective equipment, medical devices, ortopedic devices, etc. Because of PPE, my store has been rejected by Stripe and 2checkout. Is there any less demanding PP that we can account from? Thanks
  7. thirtyniner

    HK inc + bank, will I be accepted?

    I can help you with Bank account opening in HK. Analyse if this is what you want, and drop me a PM if it is to proceed.
  8. thirtyniner

    Relocating an online company to an offshore, please advise.

    Hong Kong will cost you around 3.000 EUR per year.
  9. thirtyniner

    What website are you using to predict cryptocurrencies?

    I have no doubt that you have never profited so much from mining as in that year!
  10. thirtyniner

    Any review for https://companix.info?

    Dear @Admin, Beyond ban, and if there are proofs of the scam, you should share with the scammed people the info you have on this user. Thos might not be legal to do, but it is moral.
  11. thirtyniner

    Profitable businesses

    Dropshiping cannot be seen as business, but rather a way to do business. Profitability depends on the product you are dropshipping. There are still plenty of businesses with high profitability, but most of them require a lot of effort and hard work, something people run away from this days...
  12. thirtyniner

    Legal Entity Identification number (LEI)

    You also need it if you need to fix an exchange rate for a future maturity date (Swap).
  13. thirtyniner

    What website are you using to predict cryptocurrencies?

    If you have lived inside BTC in December 2017, you would know that that is not true! The ground has never flown away so quick!
  14. thirtyniner

    Tell us about your company!

    Come on people. Let them come...you are anonymous anyway!!
  15. thirtyniner

    What website are you using to predict cryptocurrencies?

    @otcable , in 2017 when I invested in Crypto, there was only USDT. Which stable coins are there at this moment (or currency linked coins)?
  16. thirtyniner

    I'm hopeless lost, need HELP for offshore company and creditor protection

    The way you say it, it seems easy to "change name". :D
  17. thirtyniner

    quick company set up to receive payments

    @burden , I noticed you are very actively promoting this guys job. There is no problem if you work for them, but it would be polite for us to know in advance. You can still present us arguments in order to convince users to use this company's services.
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