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  1. thirtyniner

    Shopify Store - PPE - Acceptable PP

    Hello everyone, I have a Shopify store (EU) selling Personal Protective equipment, medical devices, ortopedic devices, etc. Because of PPE, my store has been rejected by Stripe and 2checkout. Is there any less demanding PP that we can account from? Thanks
  2. thirtyniner

    Company - Dating Website

    Dear All, In my opinion, this a very interesting business. Reasons to be: - It plays with people desires/needs; - It is charged on the base of features/perks demand; I'm not thinking in something like AdultFriendFinder, but something a little bit less "hardcore" (enough to be accepted in both...
  3. thirtyniner

    Where now?

    Dear All, I'm a EU citizen and I have incorporated a company in Hong Kong 6 years ago. It is a legit business related with textiles (import & export to and from Europe/Midlle-East and Far-East), and more recently, also on Personal Protective Equipment. I hold both corporate and personal...
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