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  1. tacokai

    e-Money license in Estonia - this guy know the shit!

    I have been searching for information about the e-Money License from Estonia and how it works, I want to know share capital required, upfront costs and infrastructure requirements. I used Google in my research, and this awesome search engine came up with this guy: I wonder how serious they...
  2. tacokai

    Question What is the best exchange trading altcoins?

    I would like to hear from you guys what is the best crypto exchange service if I primary want to trade altcoins? Please suggest your best advice, looking at kraken it seems not to be the best.
  3. tacokai

    Do I have to pay tax

    Wonder if I have to pay tax if I live in an EU country but don't have my company there, it is located in the USA?
  4. tacokai

    I fund my kraken account from my local bank, it works.

    I have seen this and that thread here at OCT where people wrote they had big troubles sending money from there bank account to kraken. Yesterday I thought I would give it a try to send from my local SEB account to kraken, it went through today, no problem. I only send 10K which I wanted to...
  5. tacokai

    The world is crazy!

    Where do we go after all, found this which is crucial! Humans Wiped Out Two-Thirds of the World’s Wildlife in 50 Years
  6. tacokai

    Would you store your crypto coins with the new kraken bank?

    I just read the news about kraken that got their first Cryptocurrency Bank License doh948"" I was chocked to read about it and wonderif this is the beginning of ass raping, KYC and CRS in the crypto market? Check out the news here...
  7. tacokai

    What is the biggest dream once you get rich?

    What is the wildest thing you will buy if when you get rich on your business ? I have always wanted a lamborghini aventador, hope I soon will be inside of this monster.
  8. tacokai

    Any country left in this world that does not comply to FATCA?

    Is there a country left that does not comply to the FATCA reporting? I tried to search a little but can't find anything evidence that this or that country does not report!
  9. tacokai

    How to get a skype name I choose?

    It has been 4 or 5 years since I used skype the last time, today I registered for a new account and I got a skype name which is just a number gre¤#! skype name starts with live:cid I can't see in the settings how I can change that for instant to tacokai or similar? any input?
  10. tacokai

    What is the best and how can they give back 200%?

    I have looked at this they claim: This reminds me back in time of another forum TalkG which was full of services with same promises. It ended up to be MLM and other scam schemes more then anything else. What are your thoughts about such websites?
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