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  1. T after Leopay Dear Txxxx Thank you for your interest in our services. We kindly inform you that LeoPay no longer accepts new registration as it is migrated to our new product iCard - . Please be advised that iCard Personal and Business accounts are available. In...
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    Wirex Update - New Banking Service Provider

    We're up and running! We recently contacted you to let you know about our...
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    Important Paysera New BIC

    Dear Customer, please be informed that such payment has not been received. Please specify the information with the payer, because money will be sent back of incorrect Swift code EVIULT21XXX who was closed from 2020-06-09. All payments must be made by Swift code EVIULT2VXXX. Have a nice day I...
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    Warning EcoPayz

    I open a EcoPayz Account last Days, and upgraded to Silver Status. I load Money 1000 EUR of Paysera and 500 EUR of Tranferwise. Now Account is freezed. They write WE Contact you in the next Days. Holy shit
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    Warning BNC10

    Dear Sir / Madam, We are sorry to inform that Your BNC10 card account has been temporary suspended and is currently unavailable. In accordance with Terms and Conditions - bnc10 , Directive (EU) 2018/843 of the European Parliament and of the Council, as well as internal procedures, the...
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    Money Parking on EMI´s

    I have EMI Accounts on Revolut (UK FCA regulated) EPayments (UK FCA regulaed) Paysera (EMI in Lithania) It is safe to parking money in this EMIs like 1000 EUR on this Like 1000 on Revolut,1000 on Epayments and 1000 on Paysera ? I Think it is best to split in this 3 EMIS better dann 3000 on...
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    Warning WIREX Problems

    1. Mail Important notice: platform maintenance In order to improve our services and make your Wirex experience even better, we’re carrying out some necessary maintenance on the platform. Unfortunately, this means we’ve had to make some temporary changes to your account until the work is...
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    Neteller and Skrill Mail for 13 March 2019

    Neteller and Skrill send Mail to all customers that they can closed accounts whenever they will. I have the Mail only in German so i will not post it here.
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    Information about weststeincard ?

    Haye you checked Your FREE Prepaid Mastercard with Non-Bank Current Account ?
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    CRS active there ?
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    Need Crypto friendly EMI/Bank

    I will payout 500-1000 EUR and more of my KRAKEN.COM Account. It is an exchanger. Or a solution to payout BTC to FIAT. I have LEOPAY its crypto friendly but at moment is difficult situation
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    Important: Monese support no Bitcoin Transactions

    Paysera blocks So Monese also...its also same with Revolut So i used Bitcoin Wallet like (Payward Ltd)....send it to Leupay..(crypto friendly) and make a Sepa to Monese/Revolut..Fee is 3 EUR. So Leupay Account is the same Name and i think this is no problem
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    Paysera restricted Accounts /Bitcoin Exchange

    Dear Client, We kindly inform you, that a transfer has been executed to your Paysera account (transfer information is attached). In accordance with clause 2.13 of the General Payment Service Agreement, we kindly ask you to respond to this letter and indicate the payer and the basis for this...
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