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    Best offshore bank CIM Bank Review maybe?

    I thought about getting a personal account with them, but I don't feel like deposting 50k with them tbh
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    Anyone have read about the philospher John Locke?

    One of my favorite ideas for friedman tbh
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    Holding for assets in Germany / EU

    The companies we invest will obviously have of substance, warehouses, offices and employees and so on. I might have a intensive talk with my tax attorny about that. Foundation is an interesting subject, but as far as I know from a friend who has one, it requires a lot of additional work. Quite...
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    Holding for assets in Germany / EU

    Ok, totally forget about that WHT stuff. The only way around would be building some substance in the designated country where the holding is located at. But then it depends how much "substance" you actually need. Atleast office and 1 employee. Maybe an onshore UAE company is a solution for this...
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    Holding for assets in Germany / EU

    Im residing in KSA and Bahrain, but I need / want a company to hold shares in germany.
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    Holding for assets in Germany / EU

    I checked out those options mentioned in the thread you linked. Spain looks indeed interesting. Switzerland is too expensive imo for my needs, atleast right now. Cyprus is, well it always looks a little bit "shady", personally I do not care and I am all in for shady things lol, but if sooner or...
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    CyberGhostVPN and their customer support is a total disaster!

    Most VPN providers do not offer static ip addresses since it is easier to blacklist those as VPN. At all stay as far away as you can from Cyberghost in terms of privacy, its a well known fact that they keep logs
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    Any reliable VPS with SSL Certificate, DDos Protection?

    Why do you need a webhost for this? Buy Server and add cloudflare?
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    Question Dedicated Server Suggestion ?

    What location do you need for your dedi? Ten Words
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    Euro Pacific Bank - Peter Schiff Banked Known Criminals, Tax Probe Claims

    Funny, when I checked them out 2 years ago they declined my application because our business model was too risky (Software as a Service) lol
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    Holding for assets in Germany / EU

    Hello guys, Just wanted to get some more input about possible setups. I need a company to hold Shares from companies in EU (most of them are located within Germany). Company itself should not pay any tax on dividends or exits. Currently I am planning to use an US LLC to hold these assets...
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    Best offshore bank CIM Bank Review maybe?

    Anyone opened an personal account with them recently? If so any reviews / troubles?
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    Will there be a problem?

    I am doing besides my ventures, IT Consulting and it all depends on your clients. Three of my clients are in the logistics and shipping sector, they are used to companies all over the world,. However if you are targeting small businesses or some more conservative sectors like banking etc. an...
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    Create offshore company and bank account

    No, its basically an "on shore" company, you need an local (emirati) partner to create one
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    zero tax Foreign Sourced Income countries

    Fujairah, Ajman, RAK, basically it doesn't really matter where you incorporat, you should be able to obtain a bank account with any FZE
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    US Bill Would Introduce New Beneficial Ownership Requirements on LLCs

    I assume its time to shutdown my LLC after this year then lol
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    Well for 500euro a month you can get some cheap bangladeshi / pakistani staff there, but like already mentioned before, if you are the only shareholder your homecountry will prolly still tax you. Same for germany btw lol
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    EIN for US LLC - Processing time?

    Same, my agent told me its around 2-3month right now lol
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    UAE company advice needed

    Sorry I can not follow you. You said you opened the company (Paid all bills) and didn't make any revenue yet. So you didn't do anything wrong
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    UAE company advice needed

    2) Sooner or later your local authorities will discover that. What should happen to you when you arrive in UAE? You didn't do anything wrong there
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