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    Accept payments without revealing my real name

    The problem with crypto is that unfortunately it immediately lends an air of illegitimacy.
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    Accept payments without revealing my real name

    I have a simple cloud-based computing service that I want to charge a monthly fee for. (Nothing unholy, it's related to sports betting, I just aggregate some data, do some computations and allow users to run simulations.) I expect to make a modest amount of money $20/month for the service...
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    Paypal Blocked my Account with 2K

    you have to keep contacating customer service, either via phone or email. Most of them are brain dead and will just copy&paste the same thing over and over without reading your message. approximated 1 in 5 will read what you said, and about 1 in 3 of those will help you. You will get it...
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    Beware with Paypal if you're selling virtual goods

    Is gold farming still a thing? I thought most game studios are just selling it directly themselves nowadays?
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    How to get phone numbers for Google Verification?

    He's a new member who revived a 1-year old thread in order to post a link.. I wouldn't take his words too seriously....
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    WhatsApp and Facebook will provide decrypted messages to UK police

    Facebook has 0 respect for people's privacy; I imagine they will give in, and use "safety" as a justification..
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    How to make website owner intractable?

    Depending on what you're doing, much of this may be unnecessary. You can just buy a prepaid mastercard from a supermarket with cash, and use it to buy hosting from a regular hosting provider with a fake name. If the hosting is in a different country from the people you are pissing off, then...
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    How to withdraw from PayPal without bank account??

    So, what currency do you have on your paypal account ?
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    Paypal personal and business

    PayPal are a bit inconsistent and it seems they largely depend on human reviewers. Someone I know had an eBay account linked to his PayPal, it was a good account that he'd had for 9 years and then one day he sold a camera, withdrew the money and didn't send out the camera. (I told him the...
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    Withdrawing money from about 40 UK PayPal accounts

    I have about 20-25 UK PayPal accounts, each with 500-1000 GBP, with more on the way. The PayPal accounts are OK, verified, etc. The problem is moving the money out. I have about 3-4 UK bank accounts (sort code+account number) which I can use to extract, but the issue is moving money to these...
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    Why PayPal is asking customers to pay by card if they have a balance?

    This can happen if the seller is attempting to set up a regular payment or "save your paypal details", (e.g. subscription service) instead of a one-off single payment. Some websites have a tick box that let you disable this at check-out.
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    UK citizen with bank account in Georgia

    Are you asking which documents you need in order to open a bank account in Georgia?
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    UK citizen with bank account in Georgia

    Yeap I've done this. But for some reason it doesn't let me withdraw in EUR; it will only withdraw in USD. Even when I have a EUR balance, it converts to USD. Did you have any such issues?
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    How to extract cash from a credit card?

    Brilliant, thanks guys, this fictional character will have a lot of fun :)
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    How to extract cash from a credit card?

    Cheers, thanks for that. How do you avoid paying VAT on rolexes sold in Europe? Can you buy at the airport?
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    How to extract cash from a credit card?

    Someone I know is writing a novel about a character who has 3 credit cards, with 20k limit each, and is planning on leaving the country, with no plans to return.. Supposing there are no plans on repaying the credit cards.. what is the most efficient way to turn the credit card limits to cash...
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    How to get phone numbers for Google Verification?

    Also I tried about 10 numbers in the UK as well as a few from other countries, none of them worked. Sometimes I get an error, (e.g. LinkedIn says "You can't use this number" or Google says something similar), sometimes there is no error but the message just isn't delivered (like with paypal)...
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    How to get phone numbers for Google Verification?

    Thanks, that's a good solution and I will definitely use it later but I'm currently moving between cities so I don't have a place to receive international post..
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    How to get phone numbers for Google Verification?

    UK numbers are 1 eur a month which is the cheapest I found other than US numbers. Most of the "cheap countries" like slovakia, bulgaria, Columbia, Botswana, Malaysa, etc. either don't have numbers or cost 5 - 20 eur. Which country are you using??
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