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  1. khinkali

    Personal expenses paid by company

    This varies by country. When I worked in Thailand the accountants were strict about even a lunch receipt having the company name. But they seemed quite lax in their definition of allowable expenses. UK accounts can include deductible invoices issued to directors and even employees, but audits...
  2. khinkali

    [Self-Intro] Excited to be here

    @ochyfinance I was listening to PWC's Cross Border Tax Talks last night and they mentioned that France doesn't treat crypto-crypto transactions as a taxable event. I wonder if this lowers the bureaucratic burden on accounting for exchange trading?
  3. khinkali

    [Self-Intro] Excited to be here

    I was thinking a depository/custodian approach where some prestigious legal firm look after the shares and release ERC20 or similar against them. If an early stage startup's shares were tokenised it could lead to vastly more efficient price discovery. Just trading and signal software, though I...
  4. khinkali

    How to prove the origin of resources with Monero

    It has been unusual in the past but there is a trajectory about tax scope in high tax jurisdictions. I bet you five dollars that the EU start taxing citizenship by 2035.
  5. khinkali

    How to legally avoid UK VAT for Ltd?

    I think HMRC are pretty strict about artificial separation and VAT. When I was in the UK my accountants were concerned about it even when the businesses has different employees, offered different services and had only partially shared ownership. The advice was something like "I know you say...
  6. khinkali

    [Self-Intro] Excited to be here

    Hi @ochyfinance I'd be interested to know if you are considering tokenisation? There's lots of noise about DeFi this year but tokens don't seem popular yet for mico private-equity.
  7. khinkali

    Hi all. Im newbie

    Hi @joanapalmer I hope you like it here. :-)
  8. khinkali

    Have all exchange fees rised over the last year?

    I'd say that trading fees on major exchanges have tended to stay level or in some cases reduce in recent years. Deposit or withdrawal fees can vary with the blockchain costs. It can cost more when there's a lot of activity and the miners need more motivation to process transactions.
  9. khinkali

    Georgia International Company

    @Martin Everson I think what Georgia does right is making it easy. For many nationalities you can do a once a year visa run (ignoring covid). No work permit. Open a company in a day (like UK) open a bank account with no proof of address (rare). Almost (caveats of course) do what you want...
  10. khinkali

    Georgia International Company

    I agree, although you can buy advice from the tax office cheaply (I haven't done this). Even a binding ruling looks quite cost effective considering what you'd have to go through to get similar certainty in Western Europe. But yes, overall it is quite confusing. The general vibe I pick up is...
  11. khinkali

    Georgia International Company

    Georgia has announced "international company" status for IT and maritime business. It seems rather like the existing Georgian Virtual Zone status for IT companies. Run a business for 2 years before finding out if it got the tax status? Ignoring the...
  12. khinkali

    What is the best set up to pay minimal to zero taxes?

    The problem can be a PE (working for or managing the company) or it can be a CFC (owning or managing the company). This depends on which high tax country you live in. It can also depend on your legal status there (e.g. non-citizen or non-dom can get better treatment in some countries). For...
  13. khinkali

    Question Offshore Invest Structure

    If you're regulated in EEA, then fund authorisation is supposed to be recognised by other EEA members. The UK government are proposing the overseas funds regime (OFR) "a more streamlined regime for overseas funds". It will be interesting to see how streamlined it it, what jurisdictions will be...
  14. khinkali

    What website are you using to predict cryptocurrencies?

    The efficient market hypothesis is not that the future price will be the current price, it's that the current price reflects the current information. A roulette wheel can come up red, black or green. In hindsight it's always obvious when you should have bet on black. You can see many people...
  15. khinkali

    Question What is the best exchange trading altcoins?

    For simplicity I'd say Bittrex is quite easy to work with. It's personal taste. Trading alt coins, or fiat offramp? The best exchange for fiat probably depends on your location.
  16. khinkali

    Question What is the best exchange trading altcoins?

    It depends on what kind of trading you want to do, but Binance is probably the main yardstick to measure other exchanges by.
  17. khinkali

    BitMex Charges and Suit

    BitMex's CTO has been arrested and three others including the CEO have been charged for Bank Secrecy Act violations. USD-BTC dropped about 3% but BitMex's response looks good, enabling additional withdrawals. The dangers of having customers in the USA?
  18. khinkali

    What are the best offshore options for UK resident running a UK ltd?

    Yes @xipoid I was referencing to crypto, but it isn't polonieth's main income now. I am thinking about threads like Avoiding taxes on cryptocurrency trading profits (Cyprus). When knowledgeable people aren't clear on the tax or legal status of your business activity, it's a big warning sign...
  19. khinkali

    What are the best offshore options for UK resident running a UK ltd?

    @JustAnotherNomad I am of course watching this thread exactly because you're taking the line that you don't normally take. Partly because you are more considered than most people on this issue, and partly because OP's username gives us a hint on what we're discussing. Georgia is the...
  20. khinkali

    What are the best offshore options for UK resident running a UK ltd?

    You have been valiantly correcting people on this Web site for months. Territorial taxation can be a trap. At first nobody cares that your $800 per month is not technically foreign sourced. But if you do well then you find out that the country where you thought you were hanging out tax free...
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