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  1. khinkali

    Georgia International Company

    Georgia has announced "international company" status for IT and maritime business. It seems rather like the existing Georgian Virtual Zone status for IT companies. Run a business for 2 years before finding out if it got the tax status? Ignoring the...
  2. khinkali

    BitMex Charges and Suit

    BitMex's CTO has been arrested and three others including the CEO have been charged for Bank Secrecy Act violations. USD-BTC dropped about 3% but BitMex's response looks good, enabling additional withdrawals. The dangers of having customers in the USA?
  3. khinkali

    Georgia Source Income and PE for Offshore Business

    I've spun this out from Offshore Company Managed by a Perpetual Traveller as there are some Georgia residence elements to the discussion. Residence of offshore company "Place of business"; e.g. country of registration or legal address listed in the charter Place of management Where...
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