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    CFC and Spain

    Online travel agent, focusing on USA clients for Caribbean vacations. current setup is a usa llc but we’re looking at incorporating a Corp in a tax free jurisdiction to avoid the us litigation culture. 3 partners, one is Spanish, and two none Spanish citizens, but 1 is resident in Spain along...
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    zero tax Foreign Sourced Income countries

    I've been looking recently at relocating to a 0% income & corporate tax destination (bahamas, anguilla, BVI) but the cost of living just seems out of this world when compared to countries that don't tax foreign sourced income (panama and belize cost of living for example, seems to be about a...
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    Accounts recievable/billing & bookkeeping service

    Hi Guys, I was chatting with my accountant regarding my US LLC, and he advised me that there are many accountants around that provide a billing & bookkeeping service, at pretty reasonable rates. He said by using one of these, i could close my US LLC, and reopen somewhere like the BVI, whilst...
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    How often do banks check to see who the business owner is

    I own a delaware LLC. I have a business bank account for that LLC with a US bank. I'd like to change the ownership of my LLC to an offshore corporation, instead of my personal name - but I'd prefer not to tell the bank (it took ages to get a bank setup, non-us owner, and i don't want the...
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    Caribbean USD Account

    I'm looking into opening a corporation my american clients can easily make wire transfers into. What's the easiest jurisdiction to open an IBC and bank account, i.e. hopping on a flight with my corporations paperwork, walking into the bank and leaving with an account. The account doesnt have...
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    Cayman Corp with us llc

    Hey, I’m a yacht charter broker, selling yachting vacations. I want to open a company with maximum privacy and as little tax as possible, with a us bank account for us clients to be able to easily make payments. Privacy is the more important, I don’t want my name on any public records, for...
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