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  1. sonato

    The new Samsung C43J89x curved screen, awesome.

    I just bought my Samsung C43J89 Curved Screen, it's awesome, you should see OffshoreCorpTalk on such a screen. I'm totally thrilled. Really, I can highly recommend this screen to everyone that has the tablespace for it ;)
  2. sonato

    TikTok banned yesterday 20 of Sept 2020

    Looks like they are in big troubles and it won't last long anymore before it is over with TikTok What your thoughts? https://edition.cnn.com/2020/09/18/tech/tiktok-download-commerce/index.html
  3. sonato

    Euro Pacific bank is a scam

    I have been a customer of this bank for the last 8 years and I have never had problems with them before a little over 4 months ago where they suddenly closed / blocked my account. I have about $ 45,000 left in the bank and they say they will not release the money unless I send proof of all the...
  4. sonato

    BTCPay anyone has used them before?

    I found BTCPay Server and now I wonder if someone has any review on it? How complicated is it to setup a BTCPay server or is it possible to buy a ready / pre- installed server which is just to connect to the Internet? can it be a alternative to coinbase?
  5. sonato

    Would you say TOR browser is more safe compared to VPS?

    Do you think the TOR browser is more safe in regards to tracing than VPN / VPS of course with the right Linux distribution?
  6. sonato

    Bearer shares - is this still applicable for any company setup offshore?

    I'm so new to all of it and foudn the Bearer shares model to be used by some people for companies in Seychelles, Uruguay, Paraguay and even in the BVI it was possible to setup a company with bearer shares! If I understand it correct, "bearer shares are unregistered equity securities owned by...
  7. sonato

    How to pay yourself from offshore llc ?

    I'm in the process to setup my first offshore LLC in the USA more specific Wyoming LLC setup. It is easy, cheap and fast furthermore it is totally legit setup no shady docs or anything. This I consider Wyoming company to be the offshore LLC not sure if it is the right term, anyway, how would...
  8. sonato

    The best way to transfer money without trace?!

    As you already may have read then I signed up for the mentor group gold a few days ago. I have been reading my hole way through all the threads and posts there, and still reading, it is massive information. I put a lot of work into getting documents and following the instructions there to stay...
  9. sonato

    Issue invoice to hong kong based company, how to solve?

    I consider to setup a Hong Kong company for my business, 1 it's easy to setup total anonymous, found my way through the mentor group finally, 2 it is far away from all the trouble in the USA nad Europe. Is it that easy just to find a accounting program, generate invoices to my customers and put...
  10. sonato

    What to tag bank transfer as so it won't get flagged?

    I wonder if banks are flagging account only if the number of transactions inbound increase or also outbound transactions? Furthermore what would make the bank less suspiciuos to TAG the transactions as to avoid troubles with the bank? Particular I think of the problems I read inside the mentor...
  11. sonato

    What's the difference between common law and civil law?

    I wonder most of all if this is something US specific or if it is applicable in Europe and other parts of the world? next to the above question I was wondering what of these apply for offshore companies and tax matters. Say I live in country A do business in offshore jurisdiction B and tax man...
  12. sonato

    Cyprus Banks are they safe with the problems in Greece?

    I'm wondering if it is still safe to open a bank account in Cyprus now while they have all the troubles in Greece ? What I read on some websites is that they claim that Cyprus banks have huge troubles due to the problems well known by all, which makes me thinking if it is the right place to...
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