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    rent a company

    Has anyone ever tried to rent a company ? I saw 1. 2. Now the second one gives you a debit card so you can withdraw cash and have it as expense and not have any divident so you don't have to pay any tax.. Fees differ based on your needs but if it's legit it would...
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    Non US resident and USA tax

    Hello everyone, I have a question : I'm a non resident of USA , if I open US bank account and receive money from USA people for items (100% legal) do I have to pay tax to USA? I ask as when I looked up opening a Delaware company as a non resident , all income made from USA is taxable even...
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    noob questions about swiss , USA , registry etc..

    Hello everyone , Didn't really know where to post this so decided to post here in the 'everything' area.. I've been researching a bit where is the best place to receive money without the government having it's fingers all over.. for residents of EU 1. I thought of Swiss , but from the looks...
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    CIM bank AEOI

    Hello everyone , I saw a few threads on CIM bank and I see most people are satisfied with their service. My question for you experts is will cim bank share my info according to AEOI? I live inside EU and technically they should automatically share that information . If that is true then there...
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