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  1. bnpsu

    Opening a bank in Singapore with unsupported residency

    Hello, I noticed banks in Singapore only support a few residencies. For example, Canadian. What happens if you tell them you are a resident of Canada (if you previously were) but really live in another unsupported country? I guess they are doing it for CRS? Or do they not want a high risk...
  2. bnpsu

    CFC and PE?

    I was thinking, how does it work in this case? For example, Person A is the owner of the business. He resides in Cayman Islands. He comes to Germany and opens a bank account there. And registers payment processing under a German address. He hires Person B to manage the business. Person B lives...
  3. bnpsu

    Does 2CheckOut allow multiple payment gateways?

    For example, I am on 2CO now, selling monthly subscriptions. I want to migrate to Stripe - am I allowed to 'turn off' 2CO's payment gateway, and continue to bill customers on a recurring basis through the old subscriptions and not have a public facing page?
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