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    Prominence Bank Comoro Island

    @ Here are the fees they published: prominence Bank Basic Fees and also here
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    Prominence Bank Comoro Island

    Has anybody noticed that this PROMINENCE "BANK" is charging 25.000 EUR as a nonrefundable account opening fee?? And 50.000 EUR to open a numbered account :))))) I wonder what payment instructions the clients will receive in order to deposit these small fees...
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    This fees are expensive or not ?

    That fee list is not from ASTRO BANK CYPRUS it is from INTERNATIONAL MONETARY GROUP registered in New Zealand that to me looks like a SCAM.: International Monetary Group - Schedule of Fees and Services If you look at their Terms and Conditions: International Monetary Group LP is subject to...
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    Account Closure

    Is it Stern Bank that is closing your account at the end of this month?
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    Not yet broke but probably in May. All funds blocked. For the Spanish speakers: Autoridades de EE.UU. investigan a banquero José Antonio Oliveros Febres-Cordero de Banco Activo – Por la Noticia Basically it says that their owner is being investigated by the FBI for various irregularities and...
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    Never Declared Income - Gotta Start Now

    Please note the word "EMPLOYMENT". As a Romanian tax resident this means that you need a valid work contract abroad, you need to declare your income in Romania and if it comes from a low tax jurisdiction you will have to pay tax too. It does not apply for freelancers because they are not employed.
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    Never Declared Income - Gotta Start Now

    1. Romania has a worldwide taxation system that means that they will tax on all your income no matter if you lived there or not. 2. As long as you are a tax resident in Romania, and you are for sure as you did not change that, you have to declare and pay tax there. Worst case scenario: some of...
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    Anyone heard of the agent PB Services from Georgia?

    Any reviews? Here is their website: PB Services | Open Company in Georgia | как начать бизнес в грузии
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    Company formation in Armenia

    Hi! Does anybody know any trust worthy company/lawyer that would setup a company in Armenia with nominees? How is banking there? Do they open accounts if there is no economic substance in Armenia?
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