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  1. bastard

    What is the best bitcoin wallet - hardware or software?

    For a long time I have used the wallet but now I am looking for alternatives, it would be nice if you could name some of the really good ones or just the one that is your favorite?
  2. bastard

    Someone knows WorldRemit?

    I just fall over this service International Money Transfers - Send Money Online in Google and was wondering if someone know about this service and if it is reliable? For me it looks like just another EMI but they can transfer money in 50 currencies as they advertise which make it a little...
  3. bastard

    What is the best place to buy Gold in the UK and USA?

    I would like to get some names of real stores where you can go in as a person and buy, let's say, 50 Gr Gold Bars for cash or on cards, anyone have bids? Does this apply to businesses in the UK but also to the USA closer to the Florida / Miami area?
  4. bastard

    How to make money by investing in Gold?

    I wonder how it is possible to make money investing in Gold, seriously a lot of money, does anyone know anything that can help me a bit along the way maybe?
  5. bastard

    How comes, Kraken takes 10 times longer than AdvCash to clear!!

    I made a transfer from BTC wallet to KRAKEN it is still pending approval after 4 hours!! I made a transfer from the same wallet to AdvCash and it cleared with 6 confirmations within 30 minutes? What the heck is kraken doing, why do they delay the transfer?
  6. bastard

    What you say Gold is best anonymous investment ?

    What would you say, is buy Gold in larger scale the best way for anonymous invest your money? I mean, if I had 300K blackmoney beside me and want to invest it in something more secure than euro or any other currency, would Gold not be the most secure way of doing it?
  7. bastard

    Offshore company in Dubai / UAE who?

    I would like to know what agent to use to setup a Dubai company or a company in the UAE? As you can read already I have not much knowledge about setting up anything in that direction so any input is much appreciated. So far I have been looking at UAE Company Formation | UAE Company - Set Up...
  8. bastard

    UK LTD Taxation have a question?

    From a providers website I read this Is this true or not? If so is the LLP the same as a LTD in the UK or do the same rules apply?
  9. bastard

    How to withdraw from PayPal without bank account??

    I was wondering how it would be possible to withdraw from paypal to a EMI if currency in PayPal is not EURO or USD but different. Are there any exchange services or similar where you can send your PayPal money to and they insert the money on an account of your choice? I read there are people...
  10. bastard

    credtiors want their money, can a Swiss company protect you?

    I have a problem which I have thought about for a very long time. I have a friend whos is hunted by local creditors he owe money including the tax authorities in his country. What we have discuss so far is to have the company in his wife name it can solve the problem here and now but if she runs...
  11. bastard

    What are we suposed to do in regards to banking?

    I would like to know after the annoncement from @Martin Everson here Update: EU 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive - 10 Jan 2020 and all the other mess I read on this forum about new checks and reporting stuff implemented world wide. What are our options for privacy and anonymous banking or...
  12. bastard

    Where to buy bitcoin for cash?

    Can someone please suggest a exchange or wallet where it is possible to buy bicoins for cash? credit card payment could work too if not possible for cash.
  13. bastard

    EMI and PayPal does it work?

    Can someone let me know which EMI (if not all) will work with PayPal? I need to open a PayPal account and need somewhere to put the money from there to a bank or EMI account! Has someone tried this?
  14. bastard

    Someone know AfrAsia Bank Limited bank?

    I have been in touch with an agent that can open a bank account for offshore Companies with Bank Different - AfrAsia Bank | Corporate & Investment Banking | Private Banking & Wealth Management | International Banking | Treasury - min. deposit is $1000 no personal visit is required. Do you...
  15. bastard

    Is Internet Marketing restricted at all with Cyprus company?

    I'm also doing some Internet Marketing and wonder if that is restricted business in Cyprus? I would like to know before I start the registration of a Cyprus company if that is what will be the outcome of my research.
  16. bastard

    Best offshore bank around?

    What is the best offshore bank around? Easy to apply, easy to day bank with and low fees? I know it is not cheaper to bank offshore but I don't want to pay overpriced fees!
  17. bastard

    I'm from Spain need save offshore company?

    Hello all good friends! I'm from Spain and welcome all of you nice people! I have being here for 1 year lurking around and don't post! I have learned so much already but need to get specific information about my situation please. I want to have total save offshore company with EMI banking...
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