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  1. Jack Dui

    Things to Consider with an Offshore Company Formation in Dubai

    As a foreign entrepreneur, investor, or executive, being involved in the creation of a company can sometimes be confusing, or even intimidating. Knowing the market, the laws governing offshore company development, and the options available for the type of company that you wish to open, can all...
  2. Jack Dui

    "The age of financial privacy is over" Really?

    In recent time, i see lots of discussion about anonymity issues. They all are talking about IRS, FATCA and #panamaPapers. Over 100 nations have already agreed to provide the IRS with such information, including Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. So...
  3. Jack Dui

    Streamlined domestic offshore procedure, FBAR question

    I was thinking about whether anybody here had experienced with the Streamlined residential offshore procedure to settle his/her FBAR situation. Actually, I never recorded any FBAR (didn't know the presence up to this point). I have accounts in France however never reported the interests (I...
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