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  1. tr92

    Where can I buy property, pay from Transferwise and provide a contract as a source of funds

    I am getting paid by a UК company and I want to invest in something low risk in Europe (or Asia for that matter). I can provide a contract and pay slips, but I don't pay income tax anywhere because I don't live anywhere longer than 180 days. I know it's a slippery slope but I am asking if...
  2. tr92

    Bank account for a Seychelles foundation to buy crypto OTC and from exchanges

    I have a Seychelles private interest foundation that will be receiving money from UK. I need to be able to spend all that money on crypto. What are my options in terms of banks? If I buy OTC can I cook up some docs with the vendor? intellectual property? Software development? I intend to go in...
  3. tr92

    Offshore company with a Costa Rican UBO

    Suppose there is a person in Costa Rica (which has a territorial tax system and no CFC rules afaik) who can open a company on Cayman Islands or similar on his own name. Will he have any issues or any reporting obligations at home? What are the best banking options in this case? Can other person...
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