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  1. boomy

    Pros & Cons of Nevis

    yes they do, but the senders name must be the same as of your kraken account. You may consider to approach ABC Bank Mauritius once your company is setup, they may work with Nevis companies.
  2. boomy

    PayPal Accepts Bitcoin As Funding Prior To More Expansive Services

    Once PayPal open up for the opportunity to fund your PayPal account with bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies the thing will explode, I'm 100% sure we will see a bitcoin costing up to 40$K and even more.
  3. boomy

    Anonymous ownership

    same here, possible alternative is using some sort of nominee service of homeless guy as discussion a endless times.
  4. boomy

    anonymous payment

    you turn the thread into off topic. It is about anonymous payment and not VPN!! thread reported. I agree at a certain point to look at the mentor gold but also consider that you need to have some money to invest, if you sitting at home with a 50$ banknote watching at it and don't know if you...
  5. boomy

    Anonymous Company Domain and Anonymous Web hosts

    Do you want to invite me please? or tell me if you have a thread or chat in the mentor group ?
  6. boomy

    Anonymous bank card with personal IBAN account number, QCKCard

    The only way to achieve this, is using darks, this card is from a Germany issuer which means no privacy at all!
  7. boomy

    rent a company

    I agree, renting a company may not be the solution if we can't find any better.
  8. boomy

    Hong Kong Company Formation

    Go with NEAT or Google search if you don't want to support the forum or can't afford it!
  9. boomy

    Is this how you avoid CRS?

    Why not, if that would help me to avoid to pay taxes I would not hesitate to do so!
  10. boomy

    rent a company

    they look unprofessional and people should stay away from such operations behaving like children's. It indicates they are not worth spending any money on and for sure you will end in prison using such operations.
  11. boomy

    Important! Unlock the Power of OffshoreCorpTalk: Become a Member of the Mentor Group Gold

    Paid for a 12 months subscription. All the work and all the effort they put in this community is worth a 12 months full paid membership in crypto, earned 100K this week so I feel I have to support a good cause. I'm satisfied with my membership and from reading the forum daily, 80% of the people...
  12. boomy

    Uae no longer requires local sponsor

    second that.. it will be a hundred times better for gray area offshore company setups.
  13. boomy

    CIM bank demanding substance, any advices?

    Thats the very best to do if you have the money and can afford it! If you are that good connected in Russia I don't understand why you setup anything with CIM bank and anywhere else?
  14. boomy

    Any BANKERA.COM experiences?

    3 weeks for an account opening with Bankera is simply to much time. I don't know them in the words meaning of that I tried them. I also read online about them and shy to try, so I wait to see what is up and down. People around OCT are most often pretty good in spotting scams, frauds and simply...
  15. boomy

    Exclusive Black Friday 30% OFF Hosting - OffShoreCorpTalk Members Only

    Nice offer, thanks. Can you tell me is this a windows or linux OS server?
  16. boomy

    rent a company

    Is this the original reply from them? Mind to post the header of this e-mail or even a screenshot :D
  17. boomy

    EU company + US LLC for anonymity?

    That can work, actually I do the same. But I'm not under investigation so everything looks to work out well for me :)
  18. boomy

    Full Guide On Why, When & How To Start An Offshore Company

    From time to time I have read about how to setup things to be bullet proof against any creditor and even authorities, so I read in the mentor group about it too and how they managed to setup something there. I think, at the end of the day you will have to be very careful if you want to hide. It...
  19. boomy

    Opening a UK LTD for non-residents to use Stripe as a payment gateway

    are you working at stripe support so you know what they send to the customers?
  20. boomy

    XRP (Ripple) exploding, rate is going crazy?

    What is going on with XRP, for years it has been stable, not the big fluctuations, not it is up with almost 31% :D Someone know why, something we have to read?
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