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    Big debt in foreign bank

    Are you referring to Swissquote’s secured credit card? If so, you should be fine as you already placed a security deposit and they will just take it if you don’t repay.
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    US Brokerage Account with Checking for Non-Resident

    Thanks for your reply. I am referring to cash management accounts offered by brokerages. For example, Schwab International has one which gives you an ABA routing and account number as well as checkbook and debit card. You can use it as a current account basically. Does anyone know any similar...
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    US Brokerage Account with Checking for Non-Resident

    Does anyone know any US brokerages which offers a checking or cash management feature with routing and wire numbers? It would need to accept non-US residents with no SSN/ITIN. Thanks in advance.
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    Any Experiences with Swissqoute online Bank?

    No, they won’t. It’s been more than 3 months since I made no transaction or trade with SQ, no issues whatsoever.
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    china emi or personal bank ?

    Neat accept most companies, including BVI ones in addition to UK, HK and CN. No personal accounts anymore. Just so you know, Neat provides Hong Kong based accounts and cards, which are not connected to the Chinese banking system and likely cannot be used for the purposes you mentioned. It...
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    Any Swiss or Singapore personal bank accounts that I can open remotely because of covid-19?

    You can try CIM Banque in Switzerland, fees are 90 CHF per quarter with 5000 CHF minimum deposit. Completely online account opening.
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    Forming a UK Ltd as a non-resident freelancer?

    You can open a TW account for a UK LTD as a non-resident of UK/EU. I am not sure about Revolut though.
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    Reliable and secure virtual credit or debit cards?

    You can try Dukascopy MCA account, which comes with a virtual/plastic card.
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    Naming offshore companies

    I am wondering how do you come up with names for all your offshore companies?
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    Does an UK LTD with a single non-resident director, need to register as an employer to pay salary to its director?

    But then how can you register for PAYE without a National Insurance (NI) number?
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    British Banks in the Channel Islands (Personal Accounts)

    I see, thanks for sharing! As the card comes directly from Amex, is there an extra approval process for the Amex card, e.g. income proof, etc? Or does it come pre-approved as long as you have a Barclays international account?
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    British Banks in the Channel Islands (Personal Accounts)

    Thanks for your reply. Can you share when you opened the account with Barclays International, how long it took, and what documents were needed? Do you need Skype/call interview? Do they have strict due diligence for ongoing transactions? They also seem to offer Amex cards, which is uncommon...
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    British Banks in the Channel Islands (Personal Accounts)

    I enquired about personal accounts and they replied that they don’t onboard non-African clients. I am not from the EU, so that might be the issue. They also have an online eligibility checker where you input your citizenship and residency. I tried even Germany didn’t work. Would be great if...
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    British Banks in the Channel Islands (Personal Accounts)

    Standard Bank replied me that they only onboard African-based clients, which I am not. Otherwise it seems to be a good bank. From what I read, RBS International Ltd trades under four brands, one of which is called NatWest International, which has an International Personal Banking service. I am...
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    British Banks in the Channel Islands (Personal Accounts)

    Thanks @Martin Everson. NatWest International has an international banking service for residents of a few dozen countries. International Customers | Personal Banking | NatWest International There is also HSBC Expat in Jersey, which seems to offer a broad range of service, including current...
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    British Banks in the Channel Islands (Personal Accounts)

    Does anyone have experience with personal accounts at the British banks in the Channel Islands? How strict is their due diligence for initial account opening and ongoing transactions? Is their service good overall? Barclays International (£25,000 minimum; Jersey, Isle of Man) RBS International...
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    Offshore company in hong kong with bank account ?

    That is Neat Business, which offers a DBS HK virtual bank details, along with IBAN. You can apply on their website for free, but as @CaptK mentioned they are known to close accounts for a wide range of reasons, although I don’t think a connection with China is a major issue...
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    How can I own an offshore business in a tax heaven as a minor? I’m 16.

    I advise against putting in an incorrect EIN. Obtaining an EIN is very easy, just call the IRS or mail in the form. On the form, you will be asked to supply a SSN. I don’t know where you’re from, but if you’re not from the US and doesn’t have a SSN, write the word “FOREIGN” in place of the SSN...
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    How can I own an offshore business in a tax heaven as a minor? I’m 16.

    Opening a TransferWise account for your Wyoming LLC will require you to obtain an EIN and appoint an adult officer or employee, who will then open the account on behalf of the company. If that adult is a US person with an SSN, he/she might even be able to open an account at big banks like Bank...
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    How can I own an offshore business in a tax heaven as a minor? I’m 16.

    As mentioned above, a UK limited company work well in your case. Use it to hold shares in the company you’re investing in. If you need to receive dividend from the new venture or any payment (which I don’t think you should), you can relatively easily open a less reputable EMI account. I know...
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