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    I will close my UK Ltd (Fake address used), plus I want to keep my TW business account. Advices needed.

    First, the fact I used a fake address wasn't for illegal purposes, it's the contrary you'll see below. 1 - I formed an UK company two weeks ago because I wanted a legit way of paying myself an amount of money up to the limit of tax exemption in my country. If I receive XX amount in my personal...
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    Any service like Western Union where I can send money as a business and pay by bank transfer?

    I have an UK LTD company with an account in TransferWise. I live in Brazil, and for some reason, TW doesn't accept any kinda business transfer to and from Brazil. So, my option is transfer the money to my personal account first and then send to my brazilian bank account. The problem: I can pay...
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    Does an UK LTD with a single non-resident director, need to register as an employer to pay salary to its director?

    I've read a lot of articles about it, and I learned that me, as a non-resident director, working abroad, don't have any tax obligations with the UK. Also, the company doesn't need to deduct PAYE. The payment is made on a gross basis. But, is it still necessary to register as an employer? I...
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    How can I receive payments from american companies here in Brazil without using my bank account?

    From 2017 to 2019 I used Payoneer to receive payments in a virtual USD bank account and then I used to bring the money to my bank here in Brazil. In 2020, I started using Transferwise, and this year the amount I'm receiving every month is considerably higher than previous years. I know TW and...
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