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    Dubai new residency programme

    Just saw this, interesting. The annual remote working programme costs $287, plus medical insurance with valid UAE cover and processing fee per person. What are the criteria? Passport with minimum six months validity Health insurance with UAE cover validity Proof of employment from current...
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    Unlimited VCC?

    I need a solution where i can create/get unlimited VCCs for small payments (0.5-1 USD/EUR each). At least 100 per day. For example how EntroPay was before. Any solutions/services to recommend?
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    Display other company name on website than on Stripe account?

    If i have a e-commerce store which are using Stripe for payments, is it possible to display a different company name on the e-commerce website (For the customer to see / contact info) than the company that are registered on the Stripe account? Or will it be any issues with Stripe? Its all...
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