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    Where to live with max 0-5% total tax

    Take into consideration Romania as well. 5% tax on dividends (income from companies) is one of the lowest in the EU.
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    US LLC or UK LTD for a mobile games publisher?

    I totally understand you, let's assume that the shareholders are nomads, but with their mailing address in EU (and EU passports). Which will be the best option?
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    US LLC or UK LTD for a mobile games publisher?

    Hi guys, We are looking for a low-tax jurisdiction for our new business. We are a mobile games publisher (we create games and publish them on Google Play/ Apple app store) and we need to collect revenue from ads placed inside the games. Here are a few facts about us that may help to get the...
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    ePayments is gone!

    Possible good news!:
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    DE IBAN needed

    How about Payoneer? They are still using Wirecard DE IBANs.
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