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    UK LTD holding US LLC or viceversa?

    Hello all! I am a EU citizen resident in a virtually no-tax country, and I need to set up a company to bill via CC (Stripe) and via wire transfer. Due to LLC limitation in US with Stripe (supposly for what I red here they do not accept non-US managed LLC) I need the UK LTD, and since I will...
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    Supercheap USA LLC accounting online

    Hello, do you guys know some online service for LLC accounting in the US? Must be really cheap! Thanks for your help!
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    Which Responsible Party for EIN?

    Dear gents, First post here and hope not asking a stupid question! :) I am opening a LLC in New Mexico as a foreign (no SSN), mainly ‘coz I want to stay the most possible anonymous - I mean I don’t want anyone can trace me with a simple Google search. I am actually filling the SS-4 form to get...
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