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    What convenience is there in a company in georgia?

    Hi everyone, I don't understand why Georgia is recommended to open offshore companies. It's true you can use front names and have privacy. it is also true that it is not cheap because you need a monthly accounting and at least one georgian accountant asks 60 euros a month. another thing is to...
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    ask which country for EU offshore + vat and 100% anonymity

    Hello I need an EU offshore company + ease of vat and maximum anonymity. Which jurisdiction do you recommend thank you
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    Seeking advice agent opening in georgia

    Hi everyone, i have to set up a company in georgia. I don't know any agents in the area. I have googled and or found tbilisivirtualoffice which seems to me to have a complete offer, the problem is that the reviews I have found are mixed or excellent or bad with no middle ground. I also found a...
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    British Columbia LLP or an Extraprovincial Company I ask for help

    Hello I ask for help on a good serious supplier to open a completely anonymous company in Canada. I would like a British Columbia LLP or an Extraprovincial Company of an IBC in a state with a lot of privacy. I searched through google but I find sites that don't trust me thank you
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