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    Big debt in foreign bank

    I have a debt of 40K EUR in a Swiss bank. I am from Brazil...I don't live in Switzerland, but I would like to know what the possible consequences are. Can I be forbidden to go to Switzerland? In the European Union? Can I be arrested for this? What are the legal consequences? At the moment I...
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    Best forex brokers options to use as a savings account?

    First of all I would like to explain that I do not create a bank account in a real bank because I cannot travel to another continent at the moment and my nationality does not facilitate remote opening. With the recent Wirecard/Payoneer problems, I am checking that Swissquote for example is much...
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    Offshore Physical Bank for LLC - Delaware

    Hello, Please, any suggestions for a physical bank (non-EMI) that is available for LLC Delaware? I am not an American, nor a resident of the US. If possible with remote account opening. If there is any European bank that accepts single-member LLC's I would be interested to know...thanks if...
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    Refund check IRS - How to transfer to an EMI?

    I got a refund check from the U.S - IRS. Is there a 100% online way to exchange this check? If possible I would like an EMI that would accept the check to add funds. Or convert it to cryptocurrency... I don't have a bank account in the U.S. so it's being a little difficult. I'd appreciate...
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    Best Spanish-speaking country to open a bank account

    Next year I will travel to some LATAM countries, what would be the best option for an offshore bank account? I have availability to go to countries in other continents that speak Spanish (Spain for example), but I don't know if there are opportunities for this case. I am Brazilian, so I need a...
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    Any reviews about ?

    I'm applying for a account. (Mercury | Banking built for startups ) for my US LLC. All I know is that a service to send and receive wire transfers, national and international. Apparently it is a very new service. I looked for some news and found something related to the CEO and the...
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    Am I screwed? - IRS Problem

    Hey, guys, I am having some problems with my MMLLC (Multi-Member LLC - DE) I formed the company in 2017 and have not paid any federal tax for the IRS since then. We are non-US and non-resident. According to what I checked, I should have already sent some forms (8804, 8805, 1065 and K-1 of...
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