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    Offshore company and bank in The Netherlands

    Hello everyone. Is it possible to form a offshore company and open a corporate bank account (HSBC) in the Netherlands ? Has anyone here ever experienced ? Regards
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    Anyone from Natherlands ??

    Is there anyone here libing in the Netherlands and banking with HSBC ?
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    Offshore business bank account with Visanet

    Hello everyone, Does any one here have a clue about Visanet ? I'd like to open an Offshore business account and i want to be able to perform Visanet transaction. So if someone here has ever experienced working to that, Need more informations
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    Apply for a offshore company formation along with offshore bank account

    Hi, I'm a new member and I'd like to know what is the best way to apply for an offshore company formation along with an offshore bank account simultanously! Is there a trusted firm able to able take of every documentation and then deliver the Newly applied offshore company + offshore bank...