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  1. aplusbangla

    What does EMI mean? Is it a bank account? Still a payment processor?

    darks means papers like ID, bill and other identity proof but not yours, so you setup under someone's name or fake them.
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    Personal accounts in Singapore\Hong Kong

    I'm not a souadi, don't kill me a Jamal khashoggi hh
  3. aplusbangla

    Personal accounts in Singapore\Hong Kong

    not china or asia.. mister MBS
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    Personal accounts in Singapore\Hong Kong

    i know SWIFT or SEPA but from which country and how easy it is to do it, because in my country to transfer such 200k you need to be a company with so many justifications of the reason behind it.
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    Personal accounts in Singapore\Hong Kong

    how could you transfer 200k to your Citibank account? I mean where did you keep it before moving it?
  6. aplusbangla

    Anonymous skrill/paypal accounts

    where to buy ready-made skrill accounts?
  7. aplusbangla

    EMI with business name card?

    I know veritascard and Im not willing to use it, fee also is not a problem for me if the service is good and quick.
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    EMI with business name card?

    hello I'm looking for some best EMIs targetting companies in Europe specially france, if offering business card that will be great.
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    The easy'st EMI to open fast, what is the name?

    it depends on where and how you fund them.
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    Neteller and Skrill Mail for 13 March 2019

    you can simply transfer your money to a SEPA EMI account then to your local bank account with SWIFT
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    Does Leopay comply with CRS?

    Leopay is a scam company, you cannot trust a company that close the accounts of people anytime they want and never give them back their money, or a company that keep changing their T&C every few weeks.
  12. aplusbangla

    Leopay is a SCAM! #leopayfraud

    they will keep doing this over and over again someone has to make them to stop.
  13. aplusbangla

    Leopay is a SCAM! #leopayfraud

    6 months now. tried so hard to get it back. but they cannot stop asking for more and more. which makes it clear, they are not willing to give people their own money.
  14. aplusbangla

    Leopay is a SCAM! #leopayfraud

    I'm in EU that is the problem. I travel alot which I guess I've right to do but they will find any reason to steal's people money, whatever you live in their HQ or in boss's bed.
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    Leopay is a SCAM! #leopayfraud

    Hello. as most of you know or read Leopay is become one of the biggest Fintech scam online. I'm one of their new victim list, they stolen my money with 5000eu in my account. Support keep turn off on my calls and emails and never provide me the reason why they blocked my account. I'm wailing...
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    Anyone has any offshore banking in Hong Kong?

    hello, if anyone into similair business and like online business, trading and crypto and choose HK as a offshore banking, please could you suggest me/us some solid banks here
  17. aplusbangla

    List of EMI and Digital Banks

    hello, which one did you like and would like to use for long time?
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    Best ways to withdraw cash?

    to cashout only euro the best way to localbitcoin, you transfer your money to crypto exchanger then find someone local with cash, for someone like me outside euro zone is much diffecult if you want to keep euro and not local cheap currency.
  19. aplusbangla

    offshore vs emi/digital

    weird. maybe becasue dubai is an jurisdiction, anyway i dnt keep more than 10k in EMIs, I cashout or bitcoin.
  20. aplusbangla

    offshore vs emi/digital

    what was the source if money?