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  1. burden

    Cryptoland is going down, world on fire!

    it is already up above 35K again, @nomad999 is right.
  2. burden

    Question Jurisdiction for a Crypto trading company - no need for fiat

    What's wrong with Seychelles Ltd you can give a shit about the account sheet you have to sign.
  3. burden

    Question about

    what's that?
  4. burden

    Is Paypal stealth accounts still working?

    You need simple fake darks to get stealth paypal accounts and debit card to verify that works with paypal. Not easy but possible, learned about it in mentor group
  5. burden

    Bitcoin 34000 US$ as of today!

    okay, so coinbase USDC can be trusted because they are regulated and for that reason we don't need to worry that much as if it was Tether which can shut down any time because no one cares and there is no control
  6. burden

    Bitcoin 34000 US$ as of today!

    That's not Tether if I'm not wrong? Can I ask you, do you Trust USDC (USD Coin) or Tether or none?
  7. burden

    Ethereum up 1100 US$ insane!

    and down, below 950 US$ - it looks as investors taking profits from the weekends heights.
  8. burden

    Bank (EMI) Account for UK ltd.

    agree and Cheetah Money are good solutions.
  9. burden

    EMI with Dedicated FRENCH IBAN ?

    Something you tried to signup to or you think only?
  10. burden

    Ethereum network fee at Coinbase $39?

    I can send ethereum to another wallet from Exodus and Ledger for almost nothing but from coinbase I get charged $39 in network fees? How comes it is that hight?
  11. burden

    Ethereum up 1100 US$ insane!

    Does someone notice Ethereum to be up 1100 US$ today, what can we expect?
  12. burden

    Thoughts on my strategy to avoid taxes? - getting paid in Thai account?

    It's astonishing, things take time, before Scandinavian don't have access to a quantum computer like the one Google has build or still building, it will be too overwhelming.
  13. burden

    Best Private Banking Options

    you know your stuff, but honestly I don't believe Saxo bank nor Citibank will turn the belly upside down.
  14. burden

    XRP (Ripple) exploding, rate is going crazy?

    Can you hear how I pull up the toilet. That's really bad and may affect all cryptocurrencies at some point.
  15. burden

    How to create the strongest anonymous offshore company?

    It was a question rof/%
  16. burden

    List of EMI that are/aren't related to the Russian mafia

    or if you don't want it to be shipped to your home address.
  17. burden

    Wyoming, Delaware or New Mexico, please tell me what's your choice?

    why is payoneer impossible to apply?
  18. burden

    How to setup total anonymous company? I need to protect my personal name?

    okay I see, what problem would I face with darks vs nominees? when reading inside mentor gold I see that people have success with various setups.
  19. burden

    How to receive 1 package anonymously in UK

    agree that would be fantastic.
  20. burden

    How do you think about the Vaccine from Pfizer?

    What are you guys going to do if the below is reality before the 5 years have passed?
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