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    List of EMI that are/aren't related to the Russian mafia

    Tell me an EMI...hell tell me a bank that isn't mafia-related...
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    Question about bank statements

    1. Yes. It went well. I'm assuming that you or your counterparty has some sort of connection with the bank in question? I can't imagine having an easy time without it. 2. Sometimes they do, this is likely to be one of those times. 3. Yes, sometimes, however with the case of Sri Lanka I have no...
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    List of EMI that are/aren't related to the Russian mafia

    1. Haven't heard of them. 2. As far as I know - Lithuanians but I haven't dug too deep. 3. As far as I know - Lithuanians, but again, I haven't dug too deep. 4. The same people behind spectrocoin. 5. I know them well, they are now Icard, a Bulgarian gentleman is behind the company. @Martin...
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    List of EMI that are/aren't related to the Russian mafia

    Quppy is owned and ran by a Russian gentleman. Advcash is owned and ran by a Jewish/American gentleman. I've never heard of Morning and as far as I'm aware, Bitpanda is ran and owned by Austrians. In all fairness, I see nothing wrong with using services, provided by Russians. I know many...
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    Forex broker not reporting under CRS

    When you buy CFD's, you don't own the underlying assets so....what's there to report? The moment you withdraw your profits via bank transfer, your bank will report.
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    Have questions on cryptocurrencies? ASK!

    Well, I can't get into too many details about how we did it, however, we developed a combination of 2. and 3. I will highlight the problems each method has: 1. Finding a reliable exchange partner that you source all liquidity from is the most cost-efficient solution for a startup since: a)...
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    Have questions on cryptocurrencies? ASK!

    What, in your opinion, is the most capital-efficient way to source liquidity for a cryptocurrency brokerage (think the standard Coinbase) and why? 1. Get a corporate account at another exchange with low fees (Kraken, Binance Jersey, etc.) and keep fiat there so you can source liquidity (up to...
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    Question What is the best EMI for Crypto?

    Personal or corporate account? What volumes? Which exchanges are you sending to/receiving from? What currencies do you need?
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    EUR bank account / EMI account for B2B crypto-related transactions

    Hello, I'm looking for an EMI/bank account(s) for moving large sums (100k-400k EUR per week). The funds will be received from crypto exchanges -> transferred to the account in question and then sent to multiple (5-20) companies. The actual service I'm providing is obviously crypto exchange...
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    Experience with Nexo?

    I've used Nexo and done a lot of research on them since they are Bulgarian. They are ok, but as with any institution (even banks), I wouldn't ever deposit more then 100k€ with them. They do have the annoying habit of changing their ToS without notifying users so I've had some problems with them...
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    Accept payments without revealing my real name

    Could you please provide me with more information for this "open API" to accept cards?
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    Segregated Client Account needs for SVG broker

    I can confirm this, I've tried opening a business account with Fidor and got rejected due to that "policy". You can be sure that they will consider you if it involves enough cash. (€5m+) I was also interested in Migom, so any feedback would be appreciated. Have you tried Globitex?
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    Crypto & privacy protection

    You get no privacy whatsoever. Depends who's asking, if it's authorities, Coinbase will hand over everything about both of you and the transactions. If it's your wife's lawyer, I have no idea. Do you plan on spending that money? If so, use AdvCash and you will only lose about 2.5% of that in...
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    Closing IBC Structure

    In Seychelles and Belize, you can simply not pay the fees and the companies will be struck off due to non-payment. In Cyprus, you can file the documents to close the company yourself. 17k is just.....let me put it this way - some service providers really don't seem to know how pricing works.
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    Closing IBC Structure

    In most jurisdictions - yes, but in order to give you a more concrete answer, I'll need to know more about your structure.
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    Crypto EMI for High Volume Business

    Do you have any proof of this? I'm currently onboarding with them.
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    Accept cc and paypal, get cripto/bitcoin

    If anybody has such a solution, I'm also very, very interested in such.
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    Do TF and Payoneer and public exposure when recieving SEPA transfers. Options?

    As long as they know the name of a UK company, they can look it up in 5 seconds. It's getting increasingly difficult to remain (even semi) anonymous when receiving funds via bank transfer.
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    Broker account + offshore company

    There is a 5% dividend withholding tax, however, it doesn't apply when receiving dividends from another company since they are already taxed at the source.
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    Broker account + offshore company

    You can effectively get a 10% tax rate by using a Bulgarian company.
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